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    Oh Juniors!

    What’s Jack up to? My little Jack will be one confused dog today. No doubt, pacing back and forth barking at everyone that dares to pass by our little house as he looks for the teen twins that have left him this morning.

    Yep, it’s the first day of school today. No doubt I’ll have embarrassed the teen twins and taken the first day of school picture on the porch.

    The first day of junior year. Wow. That is so unbelievable to me. Just thinking about it puts a weight on my chest. Once again I want to pull out that STOP sign. There must be a trick being played on me. Time really can’t be going this fast. My children can’t be this age. Not these babies that I used to be able to hold both in one arm. Now, well, now I’m lucky if I can hold onto a conversation with them for longer than a few moments. Sigh.

    Lord, where? How? It’s seems I’m a mother grasping. Trying to grab a bit of the past as they run chasing after the future as fast as they can. They will get their future. It’s coming. So so quick, I know, but they don’t know quicker than they need.

    But I get a bit of the past too. In the ever so brief hug when you think I’m joking as I grab you and say, I love you while laughing as you try and run by. Or after the terrible fight as I hold you to my breast and still say I love you and smell your hair it’s still the same. You see the past is still there. You are still my babies. Deep down always.

    Oh my Juniors. Do well. Much love, Mom.


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    Back to School!

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is confused today. It’s the first day of school and he’s wondering where the heck everyone went off to?

    Today is the first day of school. I can’t believe it. I’ve actually got sophomores in high school. I’m way too young for that. Aren’t I? Come on please agree with me. As with every other first day of school. I got all choked up. I can’t help it. I always cry when my babies go off to school. As much as they make me crazy it always tears me up to let them go. My wish for them is a successful and happy year with low drama and lots of laughs. Fingers crossed. Check them out from a great day in Central Park so many years ago. Oh my Dear Twins go forth and do well!

    Switching Gears…

    I know my little writing blog has been extremely political as of late and I do apologize if I’m boring or offending anyone, but this is just what’s on my mind right now and hey, it’s my blog. I will get happy soon. Hey, Project Runway comes on tonight! Meanwhile…I may get in a little trouble here, but I’m writing anyway.

    Today I can’t help but talk more about VP pick Palin and what’s going on in her family and the whole spin that’s being put on it. I’m not coming down on the daughter here. I’m with Barack on that. I’m coming down on the party and the wacky spin that’s being put on it. Why do I feel like it’s being used as a stepping stone on the way to the White House? Something doesn’t sit right with me on that.

    Talk about hypocrisy. Suddenly teenage out of wedlock pregnancy is not a big deal when it’s someone on the right side of the American flag. I can’t help but wonder if it would be a completely different story if it had happened to a girl from the left side of the tracks. It amazes me that they can put smiles on their faces and say it’s ok that this young girl is having a baby at such an early age. How many times have I seen a Stepford smile over they past few days and someone saying that this is an everyday occurrence and not a big deal. Who is supposed to be drinking this Kool Aid? Why is nothing is being said about how her life will change and how many opportunities she may miss? What are we supposed to tell our daughters when they say, “see what’s the big deal? The Vice President’s daughter did it?”

    I wonder if Gov. Palin, if she’s elected, will set up adequate funding for all the young unwed mothers in the inner city who do not have strong families behind them with moose hunting mamas and papas that can’t arrange shotgun weddings, but instead find themselves pregnant and without the father in sight, but only Maury Povich and a sorry paternity test?
    Will she fund programs that provide health care for the mothers and the babies or help those mothers get back on track with their lives once the babies are born? I wonder. The whole thing boggles my mind and weighs heavy on my heart. What say you people? Give it to me.


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    Back to the Grind

    What’s Jack up to? Today he’s in the chair at the window, looking sad as everyone leaves to go to school and work and he’s left with just me. Sorry dude.
    So it’s back to the grind for everyone. On this the first day back to school and work after the long holiday vacation I’ll be doing like mothers all across the country and trying my best to get my house back in order. Christmas decorations to take down, a mountain of laundry to do, cleaning that could take days and the small thing of a book to finish polishing.
    Everyone left with only a small amount of nagging and disturbance. “Let’s go, let’s go! you won’t have time to eat if you don’t hurry up, did you get your lunch, do you have all your books, what about your instrument, two minutes, the bus is coming, you’ll be walking if you don’t hurry, call me after school, write down all your work, do well and oh, love ya, have a good day.” Whew.
    On another note: I have been loving this sweater on the cover of Suss Cousins’ Hollywood Knits for the longest time. I think it will make the most perfect black turtleneck. In my dreams it’s bulky, but light weight and I knit it up perfectly making it just the right length for my long torso. In my dreams.

    In reality, I’ve only finished three other sweaters (tons of scarves) and they have not have come out as perfectly as I first imagined. Passable, but not quite there. But always the hopeful one, I’ll keep trying.

    Right now I’m working on a new pair of socks in a very cool Mountain Colors Yarn that a friend gave me as a gift. I have such great friends.