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Oh Juniors!

What’s Jack up to? My little Jack will be one confused dog today. No doubt, pacing back and forth barking at everyone that dares to pass by our little house as he looks for the teen twins that have left him this morning.

Yep, it’s the first day of school today. No doubt I’ll have embarrassed the teen twins and taken the first day of school picture on the porch.

The first day of junior year. Wow. That is so unbelievable to me. Just thinking about it puts a weight on my chest. Once again I want to pull out that STOP sign. There must be a trick being played on me. Time really can’t be going this fast. My children can’t be this age. Not these babies that I used to be able to hold both in one arm. Now, well, now I’m lucky if I can hold onto a conversation with them for longer than a few moments. Sigh.

Lord, where? How? It’s seems I’m a mother grasping. Trying to grab a bit of the past as they run chasing after the future as fast as they can. They will get their future. It’s coming. So so quick, I know, but they don’t know quicker than they need.

But I get a bit of the past too. In the ever so brief hug when you think I’m joking as I grab you and say, I love you while laughing as you try and run by. Or after the terrible fight as I hold you to my breast and still say I love you and smell your hair it’s still the same. You see the past is still there. You are still my babies. Deep down always.

Oh my Juniors. Do well. Much love, Mom.