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    Happy Friday!

    I’m still wondering if the rain will ever stop here in the NYC. Whenever we get a bit of sun it’s gone in a flash on a Boom of thunder. Yesterday the storms just kept on coming even with the sun. I had to grab my camera and take a few pics of the Sunshower.

    Oh and please enjoy the mood music.

    Have a great 4th of July weekend! Don’t eat too much BBQ. I’m sure I will.


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    May Day

    Happy May Day! The whole idea of it being May 1st already has me dumbstruck. This year is going way too fast for my liking. Wayyy. I’d like to spin that record back and add a month please. Maybe by an extra hour or two a day. But that would only give me, like, 2 1/2 days or an extra long weekend. Hardly time to clean my closets. Unless, I spun it for the whole year? Hmm…. but now we’re getting into way too much math for this time of the day and I don’t feel like calculating. Oh well.
    That said in honor of May Day let’s welcome Spring with this pretty shot taken
    in front of my DD’s dance school yesterday.

    In stark contrast I’m hoping to get a moment with this guy over the weekend. Grrrrr!
    What are your plans?


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    Don’t Forget To Look Up

    So I’m just leaving Verizon to deal with my Blackberry Storm fail and after being totally aggravated because of having quite a tiff with a very rude manager. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if my WANTED poster is not now posted there. Oh well. He wasn’t nice and I told him so in my nicest possible way. I also explained that there were other very lovely employees there and maybe they should be managers and not him. I was heated. This will not end here. But back to the story… I get a new phone, my pics are lost, I leave mad as all get out and go rushing to pick up my DD and her friend from her important dance audition (fingers crossed for both of them) and I’m about to stomp into the studio when I look up.

    Wow! Sometimes all you have to do is look up to change your mood entirely. This is the start of a good season to do so. Lucky me, I happened to have my camera in my bag and look this pic.

    Reminder: Tonight is the premiere of Grey Gardens on HBO. I can’t wait to watch. Here’s a clip from the orig to remind you. I think Drew Barrymore will and Jessica Lange will do fine jobs playing Little and Big Edie. I can’t wait to see.

    Enjoy your weekend! Maybe plant a little something in your Grey Garden.


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    Ride With Me

    I don’t have much new to talk about today so I thought I’d share some pics taken a few weeks ago on a snowy drive down 5th Avenue with my Crackberry in hand. Looking back, I now see the day in a beautiful new light. To me there is no street like 5th Avenue no matter the weather.

    The Guggenheim

    Central Park

    The Met- My most favorite place in all of New York.

    The Plaza- Still an Ahh…

    I hope you have a lovely and not so snowy day.


    P.S. Oh Man, is this a mean villain on 24 this season or what?

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    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s been getting up early and running from one side of bed to the other coming up on his paws and looking over to see who’s awake, me or the DH. He’s acting like such a little toddler lately. If we’re both really still, he’ll slip out only to come back a minute later to do it again until the tap, tap, tapping of his nails on the wood floors wakes one of us up. The owner training is going well, huh, Jack?

    Today I thought I’d share a few pictures I took on my ride to my RWA NYC romance writers meeting on Saturday. They were taken with my new touch screen Blackberry. I’m really enjoying it, but still have a lot to learn and a few kinks to work out. I think Grand Central looks grand and there is something about the lines of the subway that I’ve always admired.


    Today I’m fixed at home. Hoping to get some editing done, but the desperate call of housework can no longer be ignored. Then to real work. What’s on for your day?


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    Southern Charm

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is trying to get used to being back home after spending the week being totally spoiled by Nana. How will he survive with just little ‘ol me after having all the bacon, ham and roast beef his heart desired? He is going to be so hard to deal with this week.
    I’m back from Savannah and visiting the DH’s family for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was lovely, but way too quick and the ride there and back too long. I-95 is a long road.

    Enjoy the moss hanging from the stately Southern trees while I do some more laundry. Sigh.

    What are you up to today?

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    Look Up

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s been doing his best to get as many dog treats as possible out of me. It’s been working. I really have to toughen up so he doesn’t get fat. Can’t have a chubby Yorkie. He’s already the worlds biggest Yorkie. I’d like him to stay fit. So stop being so darned cute and sly Jack.

    Look up.
    We have a tree on our block between my house and my neighbor’s that is a total showoff. It turns earlier than all the other trees, I think so it doesn’t have to share the spotlight with the other trees. So what do I go and do to boost the tree’s ego further? I take some pics. I just could not resist.

    As I’m snapping away a nanny goes by pushing an angelic baby and she says ,”I like your tree.” I have the nerve to preen and say, “thank you.” Pla-ease, as if I deserve one ounce of the glory.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to Look up.
    Now please excuse me. I’ve have some leaves to clean up.