jack,  photography


What’s Jack up to? Jack’s been getting up early and running from one side of bed to the other coming up on his paws and looking over to see who’s awake, me or the DH. He’s acting like such a little toddler lately. If we’re both really still, he’ll slip out only to come back a minute later to do it again until the tap, tap, tapping of his nails on the wood floors wakes one of us up. The owner training is going well, huh, Jack?

Today I thought I’d share a few pictures I took on my ride to my RWA NYC romance writers meeting on Saturday. They were taken with my new touch screen Blackberry. I’m really enjoying it, but still have a lot to learn and a few kinks to work out. I think Grand Central looks grand and there is something about the lines of the subway that I’ve always admired.


Today I’m fixed at home. Hoping to get some editing done, but the desperate call of housework can no longer be ignored. Then to real work. What’s on for your day?