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    The Fair came to Town and I’m still Lost

    So this was the weekend of the annual Firefighters fair and I went out and snapped some pics while it was closed. I think there is something so melancholy and beautiful about closed fair rides. Oh and clowns are scary. Why put them around small children? Of course the Dear Teen twins went without us on Saturday night. I hear that’s when all the cool kids went.  Moms were not welcome. Shrug.

    How was your weekend?


    P.S. Sidebar

    Can anybody explain the ending of LOST to me? ANYBODY? Yes, it ended and I’m still LOST. I need another dang explanation show next week. Jack died on that plane right? They all died? This was some, um,  I don’t know what for 6 years. Jack’s death dream? Confused, I am. Oh and no Walt. Thanks. Not.

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    Never Be Forgotten

    What’s Jack up to? Jack was in rare form yesterday morining. Getting me on my toes right away by nabbing the DS’s lunch sandwich out of his bookbag and running off with it. What a way to start the day. Jack never let’s me forget that he’s around.


    Speaking of never to be forgotten don’t forget to scoll down and enter Amanda’s Muse givaway. Thanks so much for guest hosting Amanda! The winner get’s all three of her Muse trilogy books. Yay! And in honor of Amanda here are a few pics from my dear twins past trip to Paris and Versailles also this video clip from the movie Marie Antoinette.




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    A Place In The Sun

    Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words on my upcoming blog revamp. Eeee… Nail biting. I’m so grateful to my talented friend Jax for taking my long and confused call and giving me such great advice. Check out her new blog home here.

    We’ll see how it all works out. Please be patient with me.

    In the meantime, Happy Friday to you. Jack and I hope you find a little patch of sun to sit and grab a little chill time.


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    It’s Not Nice To Mess With Mother Nature

    So who pissed off Mother Nature? Seriously, it wasn’t me. This was some crazy weekend. Rain, wind it could have been an almost hurricane around these parts. By Saturday night the wind had kicked up past 60 mph so it was pretty dangerous and the lights were flickering on and off.

    I was doing pretty good until I saw what I thought were fireworks outside my bedroom window. I looked out and saw that the Con Ed wires out front were sparking. Uh-oh.

    The telephone lines were flooded and I could not get though to Con Ed so I called the police dept since I saw them doing drive by’s to check on folks and they came by and looked up at the wire. Nice. Looking is…good. But we so have a great village loop that I hopped on where folks can list their concerns and the village manger and the mayor are on it and were all night. They were on the horn with Con Ed and added my street to the list of problems so I’m grateful for that.

    Then I woke on Sunday morning to a strange but cute cat walking though my yard and a piece of the back fence down along with another huge branch falling from a pine tree. DH had to buy a chainsaw. Yikes! Look out now!

    But all in all I feel blessed. No one was hurt. The house was not damaged. There are plenty in our area that are without power and have damage to their homes so I’m not going to complain. Time to start the clean up.


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    Snowzilla 2010

    We had the storm of the millennium on Thursday pics of which you saw from Thursday night over here. Well, here is a little slideshow from Friday morning. This pictures were taken from my bedroom window (Jack and I had finished our walk and were done with the snow).

    As you can see the DD did a small about of car clearing and then the call of the snow angles was just too hard to resist. I hope your March brings calmer weather. We’ve had enough of down trees and power outages thank you very much. And now today is by surprise another snow day so no school. *groan* Oh and the pink eye has flared up again *double groan*
    No use complaining. It is what it is. Enjoy the show.


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    Smart Snow Dog

    So what about all that snow the east coast got socked with huh? Just what we didn’t need and the dear twins are supposed to head for Paris today with their French group. I sure hope all goes off on time and well. Please send good bloggy vibes their way.

    Yesterday the family headed out to brave the snow and do some shoveling and cleaning of the cars.

    Jack wasn’t all that thrilled with the idea and had to seriously consider stepping off the porch.

    Once he did he got into the swing of things for a bit, that is until the DH opened the car door for a moment and like a shot Jack was gone.

    Into the sanctuary of the warm car. Leaving us outside to clean up on our own. Smart dog.


    P.S. There is still time to enter the Cara Elliot Sin with a Scoundrel giveaway from yesterday’s post below.

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    Weather or Not

    Happy hump day. Over the weekend we had our first bit of snow here in New York and I snapped a few pictures during my walk with Jack that I thought I’d share.
    It was just a dusting but we’re supposed to get some more bad weather during the day today. I can’t complain though it’s nothing compared to the odd weather going on in the Midwest. Hang in there guys.

    Lovely red, white and brown

    Our little stream view

    One of my outside tin Christmas trees and my geraniums that are still hanging on.

    What’s the weather like where you are today?
    Calm I hope. Life is stormy enough.
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    Happy Friday! I hope you have a sweet weekend lined up.

    I have a busy one and I hope with all the running around it will be sweet too. I’m about to kick off the holiday season (and not panic- see below) with my RWA chapter holiday brunch on Saturday. It’s always a fun gathering. I wonder if any sweet potatoes will be served with all the literary talk?


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    Harlem Heights

    The other day I was in Harlem over at Nana’s house hanging with her for a bit when I looked out the kitchen window and was struck by the beauty of the view of the back park and the turning of the leaves. This is the same 15th floor view that I grew up with so I’ve seen it all my life but it’s been quite a while since I really looked at it.

    On this rainy day I remembered being a kid and always in awe over how Nana could yell so clearly from so hi up and make her voice carry that far down to tell me it was time to come in. Her voice one of so many woman with their eyes peering keeping careful watch of the children in their care. Playtime over. Must come in before the streetlights come one. Besides dinner’s ready and we’re hungry. The old back park has been remolded a few times over since I was a kid playing kick the can, but the heart of it is still the same I’d guess. Well at least I hope.