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The Fair came to Town and I’m still Lost

So this was the weekend of the annual Firefighters fair and I went out and snapped some pics while it was closed. I think there is something so melancholy and beautiful about closed fair rides. Oh and clowns are scary. Why put them around small children? Of course the Dear Teen twins went without us on Saturday night. I hear that’s when all the cool kids went.  Moms were not welcome. Shrug.

How was your weekend?


P.S. Sidebar

Can anybody explain the ending of LOST to me? ANYBODY? Yes, it ended and I’m still LOST. I need another dang explanation show next week. Jack died on that plane right? They all died? This was some, um,  I don’t know what for 6 years. Jack’s death dream? Confused, I am. Oh and no Walt. Thanks. Not.


  • Maria Geraci

    I agree about the closed fair. Something very sad about it.

    I haven’t watched Lost yet. I just couldn’t sit through 4.5 hours of tv so it’s on my DVR when I’m ready to sit down and skip through commercials. Please don’t tell me they didn’t end the show in a satisfactory way!!

  • Kathy

    Cool pictures….I like that you took it when it was closed. I haven’t watched Lost since we moved….I was so hoping they ended it well but I guess not! Have a wonderful week.

  • Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll

    Hi. Wish I could help you with Lost but I never watched it…I know that’s crazy considering everyone loved it so. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. I haven’t been by in a while because my life is a little nutty! Glad summer is here. Have a great week.

  • Nicole

    Love the “quiet” photos of that crazy carnival I was dragged to 3x. (At age 5, it doesn’t get old.) Hey, I was on that ferris wheel.

    Never watched Lost, likely never will. 🙂

  • deidra

    Great photos of the fairgrounds!

    I think I watched the first season of LOST, along with a few random episodes from time to time. And then, last night I watched the finale with my son and husband. I was surprised that I was able to follow along, and I thought they did a good job of wrapping up. Maybe that’s because I haven’t really been invested in the show. My son – a fan – was disappointed. And yes, I wondered what happened to Walt.

  • Maria

    My husband’s a “Lostie,” and I’m not. His take on the ending is that yes, they all died on the plane, and the alternate reality bit was like a place between earth and heaven to have a chance to get everything right and meet the people they needed to meet. Someone like Walt, being a child, would have gone straight to heaven, maybe??

    Sounds more than a little confusing to me!

    I did read that they plan to put additional footage with more answers in the DVD when that goes on sale. Of course!

  • Chudney DeFreitas-Thomas

    Closed rides always look forlorn. I’ve never been able to look at clowns the same way after I saw the movie problem child. They aren’t scary to me but I’m always wary. as for LOST my husband came home from next door ranting that he’d wasted his life watching the that final episode. So he’s just as lost as you are.

  • Adrienne

    I’ve watched every season of Lost, and though I, myself, have been lost for the better part of it (and consider myself a “Lostie”) I thought the finale was amazing. It ended just the way life does: we get very few answers and most everything is open for interpretation. Looking at it like that leaves me more than satisfied. I believe they survived the crash and that everything on the island happened because of what Jack’s father said: some died before Jack and others died after. That’s more than enough for me.

    Sorry to ramble, I just ♥ that show! (It was all about Jack– and Sawyer, let’s not forget him, please.)