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    It’s Raining Pinecones!

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is such a crack up. Just when he takes me to the edge he does something sweet like wait patiently by his water bowl just looking at me until I get my first cup of coffee. That dog knows I’m a bear until I get my coffee.

    So we had quite a wind storm yesterday and you’d have thought it was raining pinecones by the look of my yard. I’m feeling like I should be doing something with all these pinecones like a craft or something. At the very least I should be putting them in bags and selling them on the side of the road. Unscented thank you very much.

    This post doesn’t make much sense but I like the pics. I hope you do too.
    Have a good Friday!


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    Happy 20th Anniversary today to my so dear DH.
    As I’m sitting here typing this my heart is beating extra fast and there’s that little flutter in my stomach and the words, well, at least not any witty or coherent words, they just won’t come easily, but the emotion is there so strong as the tears prick at my eyes. This is real life, real emotions, real love. Our love. No made up characters here.
    I’m grateful for good times and hard times, the laughter (so much of it) and even the pain. The 20 years of what ifs and most of all of the people we have grown into (parents of twins-yikes!) and are still growing into together.
    This is still a journey and I can’t believe it’s been 20 years so fast. You’ve been married to me for now half my life- a really good half let me tell you.
    Now let’s say we go for another 20 to see if we can finally get this thing right. The fun is just beginning!

    Kwana and DH in Mexico a very long time ago

    Love always and forever,

    P.S. To all my friends and visitors. Thanks for sharing the love with us today.

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    Last Picked

    Happy Friday! Well you made it another week. Good for me and you, eh? How did this week do ya? How did this month do ya for that matter?

    It’s flown by on a breeze and I’m left wondering where it went and left looking at its back. Now here it is October and Fall is here for real- real.

    The garden thing is officially done. Here you see the end of our labors.
    The last picked. Aren’t these last pick tomatoes and peppers just beautiful? Sometimes those that are picked last can be the most special. The ones with the most promise. There’s no shame in being the last picked.

    “…so the last shall be the first…”


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    Tis the season

    The first raking of the fall and it’s only the beginning. We’ll soon be covered.
    Gee I forgot about this when economizing with the gardener. Sigh. Oh well, it will be good exercise.

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    Happy Birthday Ma!!

    Happy Birthday to my Mom today! Yep, that’s her and I from when I was a little girl. Both of us smiling big and bright just like folks would do in one of those old Woolworth’s photo booths. You can recognize the pic from my avatar to the right there.

    As you can see from the pic below Ma has hardly changed at all, though now I’m the taller one. She’s still gorgeous and fabulous and still the same bit of unpredictability she was back then. From her Psalm 23 tattoo, you never know what’s in store with my mom. Not what dress she’ll be wearing or what hair color will go with it. But that’s the charm of Ms. Kay!
    This weekend Ma staged a girl’s night out at Roseland ballroom to celebrate her birthday. And when I say staged, I mean staged (guess I get a bit of my control tendencies from her). We had a great time dancing the night away to songs from the 50’s to the 70’s. All of us wearing tiara’s that Ma supplied so folks in the club kept saying Happy Birthday to all of us.

    It was a great night and so nice of her to share her birthday joy with all of us.

    Happy Birthday Ma!!

    We Love you!
    DD, DS, DH and Jack


    I Love You too!
    Your daughter,
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    The Party

    What’s Jack up to? What a funny dog he is. Pushing his bowl towards me, giving me the big hints and getting quite miffy lately when I don’t immediately jump to attention. Sorry there are way too many bossy folks already in this house, Jack. I’m not biting no matter how cute you are.

    A little while back I was lucky enough to glance out the kitchen window and see the beginnings of a partly that I clearly was not invited too. I slipped off grabbed my camera and crashed.

    Another party crasher!Fashionably late.

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    Looking up

    I’m so unhappy with my lack of reading time lately. I’ve been so busy that it’s been practically nonexistent and my normal bath reading time has been finding me falling asleep in the tub. I’m afraid I’ll wake with a wet book. I feel so off my game. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I find my reading is now relegated billboards.

    Funny (or sad depending on how you look at it) story. My normal blog hoppers will know I like the sayings on the little church that I pass often as I shuttle the DD to dance class. Well, there has been a particularly good but kinda long one (3 lines) up this past week. Too long for me to read the whole thing as I whizzed by at breakneck speed. I finally got the end of the saying today and it all came together:

    Sorrow looks back

    Worry looks around

    Faith looks up!

    Nice, huh?

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    Late Starry Night

    Sorry for the the late breaking post but it was a late night under the stars for me at the US Open last night. The DH and I were invited by friends and enjoyed a lovely night of exciting tennis in Queens.

    I hope you have a wonderful Labor day end of Summer weekend!



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    What’s Jack up to? That sneaky little Jack did a diet revolt and swiped my ham and cheese sandwich yesterday when my back was turned. Guess we know how he’s feeling about his food restriction.

    Hope your Wednesday is just Peachy!


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    Happy Friday

    What’s Jack up to? It’s been a semi quiet week for Jack. Not too much trouble (I had better not speak too fast) just up to his usual antics. I think the Dear Twins are driving him nutty (but he’s not alone in that). And he’s barking a lot more than usual (not alone in that either) But besides that all is cool with Dear Jack.

    This pic is for Ina in Alaska who is always capturing the best licence plates. I snapped it when the truck of our local doggie day care was in front of me for a few blocks and I noticed the licence plate. Don’t worry we were stopped at the time I snapped the pic.

    Have a Happy Friday and a great weekend!