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    I wonder what he’s thinking? Hmm… maybe about the characters I put on his corner this week? Yeah, I’ve been spending a lot of time in his part of town (at least in my mind I have) or is it a her? Do we know? Something to Google maybe.

    Either way today I’m thinking about the conversation a couple of my characters had very close to this lion and all the real life conversations that have happened in the very same spot. If only this lion could talk, oh the stories he would tell.

    Hope your week is going well.



    pic: Lion in front of NY Public Library 42nd and 5th
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    I woke up Friday morning from a terrible dream with the words, “Thank you Lord” spilling from my lips before I was even fully awake. I didn’t know why I was saying thank you until much later in the day when a potential tragedy was averted.

    I will be even more thankful when my twins are home (I know my week of freedom will be over, yikes). But I will feel better when I can hold them in my arms for the brief moment that they let me.

    Life is fleeting and fragile like the wings of a butterfly but also beautiful and at times surprisingly resilient. It’s something to be cherished and we should be thankful for those we love and those who love us.


    Happy Sunday.



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    Morning Joe

    Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. My last few days have been super busy but now it’s time for a little R & R with writing work thrown in (I hope lots).

    If you haven’t been in a while I invite you to take your morning cup of Joe and hop over to my other spot Becoming True Me and see what’s doing over there.




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    Blame It On The Rain

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is getting ready for the weekend which no doubt will mean hanging by the DH and hoping for things to drop by the grill.

    There are showers expected over the weekend, but like most summer showers in 90 degree heat, they can pop up at anytime. The sky going from a beautiful blue with the sun shining to suddenly darkening and leaving you with puddles at your feet. But in life storms are unavoidable we just have to figure out how to deal with them.  How do you deal with the sudden storm? Do you take refuge and run inside or are you like me, and you go out kick off your shoes and feel the rain on your bare feet, taking in all the storm has to give?


     Have a great weekend!



    P.S. For your weekend viewing pleasure… or not.

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    A Good Day

    What’s Jack up to? Well the Jackster has had us on our toes for sure this weekend. Making off with sausages then going running down the street only to have a neighbor nab him barking in the middle of the road then bring him back home. Yeah Jack was quite the handful on Memorial Day.

    But I guess it was just the excitement of the fun day. Memorial day in our town starts with a parade. Most of the town comes out to watch and the Parade ends at the Memorial Field with speeches then hot dogs and sodas for everyone. It ‘s a nice way to give honor and to come out and see neighbors you haven’t seen is a while.  Jack had fun seeing all the folks and even his buddy Bentley Ms. PVE’s dog.



    Well now it’s back to the weekly grind. I think I may just ease into it. How was your weekend?



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    From Garden

    My roses are blooming. These were here when we got the house now going on 5 years ago so their growth is not really do to me and my brown thumb, just careful planting way before me. So now my husband and I trim and pray. Here you see how we go from yard…


    to ahh…

    to writing inspiration.

    I hope you have an inspired day.