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Blame It On The Rain

What’s Jack up to? Jack is getting ready for the weekend which no doubt will mean hanging by the DH and hoping for things to drop by the grill.

There are showers expected over the weekend, but like most summer showers in 90 degree heat, they can pop up at anytime. The sky going from a beautiful blue with the sun shining to suddenly darkening and leaving you with puddles at your feet. But in life storms are unavoidable we just have to figure out how to deal with them.  How do you deal with the sudden storm? Do you take refuge and run inside or are you like me, and you go out kick off your shoes and feel the rain on your bare feet, taking in all the storm has to give?


 Have a great weekend!



P.S. For your weekend viewing pleasure… or not.


  • Ina in Alaska

    I love to be on my Trex deck in bare feet (in the summer of course) Trex boards get nice and warm and it feels so good on bare feet.

    We could use a bit of rain in Anchorage, summer has been spectacular! With the long daylight hours (almost 21 hours of sunlight) the plants are gorgeous and the lawns are very green and lush. As I walk with my dogs and look at the pretty lawns so well maintained I think of golf courses…. Hope you have a lovely weekend! xoxoxo

  • deidra

    At the beginning of the week we were having so. much. rain! I truly thought God might have reneged on his promise to never flood the world again. I went to a coffee shop to use their wi-fi (ours was out because of – you guessed it – the rain). As I sat there, typing away on the laptop it started to rain on me. INSIDE the coffee shop. I took that as my clue to leave and as I stepped off the curb on the way to my car, my feet were swallowed up in a torrent of rain water rushing down the street. It felt great! And it woke me out of my rain funk and made me smile.