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I woke up Friday morning from a terrible dream with the words, “Thank you Lord” spilling from my lips before I was even fully awake. I didn’t know why I was saying thank you until much later in the day when a potential tragedy was averted.

I will be even more thankful when my twins are home (I know my week of freedom will be over, yikes). But I will feel better when I can hold them in my arms for the brief moment that they let me.

Life is fleeting and fragile like the wings of a butterfly but also beautiful and at times surprisingly resilient. It’s something to be cherished and we should be thankful for those we love and those who love us.


Happy Sunday.




  • pve

    True. There is God in us and he glows within when he stirs us. Just like a butterfly, we need to stand still for them to land, right.
    Happy re-union to you and your family~

  • karli

    Thankful that everyone’s ok. This has been a craptastic week all around. Give those beautiful kids a huge hug for me too when they get home!
    Prayer is powerful, so on behalf of all the catastrophes averted, I too give thanks.
    Now onto a better and safer week with endless possibilities!

  • tamstyles

    sometimes dreams can just hurt your whole day..week if you let it. my daughter had a dream while we were on vacation that had her in tears..and then i was in tears…and my husbnad had to literally get in the bed with her and hold her back to sleep at 13….that was so hard for me to see her like that over a dream. But butterflies always make think of my what a perfect picture to go along with it Kwana! I hope all is good…and blessing to you yall!