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A Good Day

What’s Jack up to? Well the Jackster has had us on our toes for sure this weekend. Making off with sausages then going running down the street only to have a neighbor nab him barking in the middle of the road then bring him back home. Yeah Jack was quite the handful on Memorial Day.

But I guess it was just the excitement of the fun day. Memorial day in our town starts with a parade. Most of the town comes out to watch and the Parade ends at the Memorial Field with speeches then hot dogs and sodas for everyone. It ‘s a nice way to give honor and to come out and see neighbors you haven’t seen is a while.  Jack had fun seeing all the folks and even his buddy Bentley Ms. PVE’s dog.



Well now it’s back to the weekly grind. I think I may just ease into it. How was your weekend?




  • pve

    What a perfect weekend! Now off to the perfect start of a new week, even if it is already Tuesday, but still leaves me feeling like a Monday!

  • Ina in Alaska

    We stayed in town, took walks, played outdoor tennis in the local park, I had a majorly flat tire and had a tow truck guy put my spare on for me until I could get the tire repaired. thankfully the tire went flat in my garage! That was pretty nice. Turned out there was a HUGE screw in the tire and also a small nail. Construction season is booming around ANC. Every season I get something in the tire(s).

    I have finally thrown in the towel on trying to keep the house clean by myself and hired a cleaning lady! AMEN.

    Jack sounds like he was a handful!!!! xoxoxo

  • Marilyn Brant

    We had a very nice weekend–some family fun but no big plans. I’m glad to see you had such a great time at BEA last week!!! Wish I could have been there, too.

    p.s. I’d heard that Marvel was coming out with the S&S comics (I have the P&P set, of course!). 🙂