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    Holiday Temptation Release Day is here!!!

    It’s release day! It’s release day!

    We’re gonna party like it’s release day!!

    Yippee today is the day that HOLIDAY TEMPTATION comes out with the super fab Donna Hill, Farrah Rochon and Meeee!!!! I promise you I’m not twelve years old but this book coming out has me that excited. It’s my first mass market in store release so besides being excited you’ll find me going through all he emotions…

    Excitement over the release…

    Fear- (will they like me?)…

    fear blade runner horrified uncanny bladerunner

    Overwhelming joy because hey, I’m in a book with two amazing authors and I’m in stores. I need to rock this moment!

    Reactions excited great awesome oprah

    So don’t mind me if a blabber on this week. First don’t happen everyday. Now please excuse me while I head to some bookstores to scope out HOLIDAY TEMPTATION ON THE SHELVES….

    RuPaul's Drag Race S5 tv show rupauls drag race rupaul looking

    gifs thanks to giphy.com & realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

    Feel free to join me or check out HOLIDAY TEMPTATION wherever books are sold.


    Tis the season to satisfy your holiday desires with this festive trio of sexy stories…

    A GIFT OF LOVE Donna Hill

    Drama professor Traci Long spends her free time at the CoffeeMate café, pursuing her true passion—writing her own plays. Meanwhile, sexy barista Noah Jefferson is doing his best to distract her. But once they get involved, past betrayals make Traci wary. She’s right that Noah is keeping something from her—but it might be something that will make this Christmas as sweet as a rave review—and steamier than her favorite chai latté…

    HOLIDAY SPICE Farrah Rochon

    A Christmas-time tragedy took photographer Miranda Lawson’s holiday spirit with it. Since then, she’s traveled the world, determined to outrun her demons. This year she’s off to Istanbul. But the scenery isn’t the only gorgeous site she spots through her camera lens….Kyle Daniels loves Christmas, but he’s looking for escape too—and soon he and Miranda find it in each other’s arms. Yet their connection doesn’t end there. Maybe staying put isn’t such a bad idea after all—especially when there’s someone to celebrate with…


    Unstoppable real-estate developer Ross Montgomery is under orders to get some holiday R&R. A cruise to Miami on his yacht, “The Serenity,” is the perfect place to start—especially when he meets his new personal chef, Essie Bradford. Between her calming presence, her amazing food, and her delectable beauty, Ross just might develop a taste for the good life. And when the two discover they have a lot in common—including an irresistible attraction—the next course may be a spicy New Year…

    Click below to check out HOLIDAY TEMPTATION at your favorite e-tailer

    Amazon http://amzn.to/2drIf9a

    iTunes http://apple.co/28Otxsv

    Barnes and Noble http://bit.ly/2d9lSWA

    Indie Bound http://bit.ly/2d9mLP1

    BAM http://bit.ly/2daBBTd

    Walmart http://bit.ly/2dbI6sY

    Kensington  http://bit.ly/2d6S4dn



    All the best,


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    Goodbye 2015… Hello 2016… my year in GIFs

    So it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m in the basement on a crazy deadline, stress of my own making really, as I type this.

    closeup of a yellowish paper with the text happy new year 2016 in an old blue typewriter
    closeup of a yellowish paper with the text happy new year 2016 in an old blue typewriter

    I’m happy to have silence in my house for a moment and realizing that I have not posted diddly on this blog in way too long. Sorry about that. I take full responsibility. For all my planning balls are dropping left and right. Speaking of, I look to my left and dust bunnies laugh in my face. Side-eye to you dust bunnies. I laugh right back. No intimidation here.

    huh face

    But back to reason for this post. Since it’s the year end everyone is doing recaps and best of lists and all that so I thought I’d do a recap of my own… of sorts.

    Here is a recap of my 2015 in GIFS since I’m crazy behind schedule and I have no real words to spare.

    Oh and one resolution… to knit more. I really failed on that one last year (that and dusting, but I’m not resolving that- no fun). So knitting at least a row a week. 1 a week that’s 52. Small but so doable. I like it.

    Onto the year in review…

    January – optimistic and hopeful.

    im ready

    February – breathing through it.

    Un cool Luann

    March – trying to disguise the stress.

    No one can notice right?


    April – Whoo Hoo! A deal!

    Did this really happen?


    happy dance

    May – Twin A graduated Whee!!!

    clap 1

    June – Another Deal! Write, Woman Write!

    dance gif 2

    July – RWA National in the HOUSE!!!

    party 1

    August –

    Uh oh, How am I supposed to keep up with this life?

    keep up kim

    September – Seriously, this is getting nuts.

    bad idea

    October –

    No one will noticed as long as my makeup is fierce. Right?


    November – Maybe I’ll just sleep.

    tired 1

    December – A plan. That’s the ticket I just need a good plan.  There’s always next year.

    Cookie 2

    Cheers! Let’s re-boot and give it another go!

    leo cheers

    Happy New Year!


    Now if you have a moment please hear on over to Bobbi Dumas’ Read A Romance Month – Celebrating the Diversity in Romance. I’m honored to be the kick off author, Spreading a Little Love talking how HEA takes time. Also I’m recommending a couple of my faves Farrah Rochon & Synithia Williams Please click on over and join me. Thanks

    Pages of open book rolled in heart shape on glitter background
    Pages of open book rolled in heart shape on glitter background

    All the best,




    GIFS from somegif.com,  realitytvgifs.tumblr.com, giphy.com

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    Happy Mother’s Day!

    A very Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and like mothers out there.

    What you do and how you care means so much more than is often expressed back to you.

    instaquote-09-05-2015-08-52-29 (2)

    I’d like to say thank you to my family for these lovely flowers that were delivered to me for Mother’s Day.

    I’m so grateful for them.

    mother's day 2

    I also want to send all my love and a Happy Mother’s Day to my mom.

    I love you Ma!

    ma and kwana

    We all do. And though the look of the family may have changed the love is still here.




    Me and the gang

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    Dreams Always Matter… #WeNeedDiverseRomance

    Happy Martin Luther King Day here in the US!

    I always think of this as a day of reflection and not just a day of sales or a day off from work. I’m sure it helps that my children share a birthday with the great Dr. King which I always thought was a great honor and never missed an opportunity to remind them of that. They know the history and how far we have and sadly how far we still have to go. Recently, with the passing of my Nana, piggy backing on the powerful and important #WeNeedDiverse books hashtag, I started the #WeNeedDiverseRomance hashtag attempting to honor Nana’s love of romance and highlight the lack of diversity in the genre. Yes, we even have a long way to go when it comes to publishing and getting equal representation when it comes to our stories of happily ever after. And this is me with this hashtag hoping in some way to bring awareness and enact a bit of change to help balance the scales. It may be a small dream but it’s a DREAM all the same.



    And if we have learned anything from Dr. King it’s that Dreams Always Matter.

    coretta marching


    All the best,


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    It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like… time for a X-MAS Giveaway!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like…

    It’s time to PANIC, is what it’s beginning to look a lot like. How in the world is it this close to Christmas? I’m so far behind right now that I might as well count it as December 26th and start in on next year. Oh well, I’m never one to give up so I’m going in full force now.

    Don’t you stay here and hang out with whiny old me, head on over where things are a lot more holiday cheery. Go on over to the Smutketeers 12 Days Blog Hop.

    12 Days 2014 Banner_600x900


    Today is Day 10 and I’m one of the featured authors with a giveaway up. Leave a comment to be entered to win a 20.00 Amazon Gift card & an e copy of Through The Lens. And while you there enter for all the days to be in for the big 300.00 value Grand Prize. hey it’s Christmas, or at least that’s what the calender is telling me. Click here to stop by!  Oh and did you happen to see the fun video?



    All the best,


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    Holly Hopping!

    Happy Holidays! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the holiday season. I’m hopping into it with bells on with a bunch of my favorite writer friends by participating in not 1 but 2 holiday blog hops! And of course I’m reluctantly pulling Jack along for the ride.



    The 1st will be a fabulous Christmakwanzakah Blog Hop from December 8-19 (My day is Dec 12th) where me and other fabulous authors will be sharing original holiday themed short stories. How fun! Look out for tweets and notifications from me and be sure to stop by all the author’s blogs for a new story every day!

    12 Days Revision

    The next is a blog hop with the fabulous Smutketeers! This hop runs from December 9th -21st and I’ll be up on their blog on the 18th where you’ll see my greeting and can enter for a chance to win a 20.00 Amazon gift card! Stop by to see all the authors and enter every day and you’ll be eligible for a chance to win their big grand prize worth 300.00!

    12 Days 2014 Banner_600x900

    Whew, that’s a lot of hopping. I’m sure by the end you and me both will be ready for a spot under the tree with Jack.

    Jack under tree


    Have a wonderful week and see you back here during the Holidays!


    All the best,


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    Welcome December

    Didn’t these holidays just sneak on up on us?

    Oh, well nothing we can do about it now but to do it. Welcome December. Let’s do this thing.


    instaquote-30-11-2014-19-40-50 (2)


    (This is me showing off the fact that my tree is already up. Quite sneaky smug huh?)


    All the best,


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    With a grateful heart…

    My heart is full and I’m feeling so very grateful this Thanksgiving. Though the places and faces may be a different, the love never changes.

    Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. And to show my thanks you can pick up Seduction’s Canvas for Free on Amazon for the next 2 days. Enjoy!


    Seduction free ad 1b


    All the best and with love from me and the Jackster,

    Jack a