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    Like the Founding Fathers…

    Or at least like I’m assuming the founding fathers were, I’ve had my nose to the grindstone and have had quite the busy writerly weekend with my book 2 deadline fast approaching. As you can see it has been me and laptop, coffee and lens cleaner all the way.

    And shall be me and my laptop until I’m ready to finally say goodbye to this book, which I can assure you won’t be until the very last moment as the characters are still talking to me, adding lines, saying things that they should have said in scenes way back when (just like I do in real life). Oh they are quite the problem children. As if I didn’t have enough of those already. LOL.

    And just to show how mad (ie.crazy) me and my problem children really are. Check this photo of my wild clean up. Which had to happen when a squirrel popped up outside my living room window and I promptly jumped up and spilled my coffee all over the coffee table. Gah! Nice to get lost in your world. Just not that lost.


    Have a great Day! And Happy President’s Day if you are celebrating today!


    All the best,




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    The Glory of Love! plus a giveaway!

    Well the Happy Day is here!!! It’s Valentine’s Day 2013! Blows kisses and throws confetti.

    I admit had a bit of trouble in the card shop looking for the something that could adequately express my love for all of you, my friends, over here at ye old blog who have been with me throughout the years. But alas I think I have finally found the right words, now borrowed from the great Peter Cetera… we did it all for the The Glory of Love.




    Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you all the love your heart can hold today and always and to share the love I’d love to give an e-copy of Through The Lens to one lucky commenter or the friend of their choice if they already have a copy. So please leave a comment and share the love.



    KMJ and Jack

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    Laters 2012!

    I’m saying a cheery goodbye to 2012 and a happy, hopeful hello to 2013 with one of my old faves, a chippy Time Warp two step. Won’t you don your bobby socks, put your hands on your hips, bring your knees in tight and join me?



    See you all in Lucky 2013!


    All the best,


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    Super Christmas to All…

    Merry Christmas to all of you my lovely friends!

    Wishing you the very best this holiday. I hope it’s magical and bright for you all. Last night the family and I observed one of our favorite holiday tradition and headed over to Pelham Parkway in the Bronx to see “The Christmas House” as we always call it.

    I’ve posted pics of the Christmas House here before and as always, this year did not disappoint. The robotic mannequins were all done up with their best glitz and glam and with sparkly new jewels and gleaming wigs. Hey, Marilyn! And there was  even the addition of a Superman this year. Holy Man of Steel saving Christmas!


    It was so much fun to see all the families out and the kids with bright eyes (my big kids included). Tonight we will make cookies for Santa that I hope he’ll enjoy and tomorrow spend the day sharing cheer with family.

    Today I’m wishing you a Super Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Peace and Blessings.

    All the best,