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Like the Founding Fathers…

Or at least like I’m assuming the founding fathers were, I’ve had my nose to the grindstone and have had quite the busy writerly weekend with my book 2 deadline fast approaching. As you can see it has been me and laptop, coffee and lens cleaner all the way.

And shall be me and my laptop until I’m ready to finally say goodbye to this book, which I can assure you won’t be until the very last moment as the characters are still talking to me, adding lines, saying things that they should have said in scenes way back when (just like I do in real life). Oh they are quite the problem children. As if I didn’t have enough of those already. LOL.

And just to show how mad (ie.crazy) me and my problem children really are. Check this photo of my wild clean up. Which had to happen when a squirrel popped up outside my living room window and I promptly jumped up and spilled my coffee all over the coffee table. Gah! Nice to get lost in your world. Just not that lost.


Have a great Day! And Happy President’s Day if you are celebrating today!


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  • Cardena

    Too funny! Yes, we all have problem children in our lives in one form or fashion. Take your time with your literary children. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your novel!

    My husband had to work so his mini mes and I just hung out together.