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Starting with Why?

my book 2 deadline and feeling like a real gah! “author, author.” I was near tears though, happy ones after practically gutting my poor brooding hero. You see for some reason I found it necessary to put the man quite through it and I was so happy for it. A hot ready to pull my hair out over the emotional changes that I had made mess, but in the end happy because I knew the story would be the better for it. Because you see for me, a good romance is all about the character’s emotional journey.

But then, not long after in some sort of divine conformation, my son came to me all excited about this TEDx video that he saw and wanted to share with me about Why and succeeding in the work that you do and how that can transfer into consumers believing in you and your message. I’d like to share it with you today. And leave you with the question: Is your Why lined up with your What?


All the best,