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Just One More Thing…

Happy Monday! Wishing you all a fantastic week as I go into my final push on finishing up book 2 in my Creative Hearts Series. I know that by my Friday deadline I’ll probably be resembling the walking dead myself. It seems the book is never done until it is out of your hands done, so it’s down to the wire for me. Are you like that with projects that you have to get out? Constantly, moving them around, fidgeting and re-arranging until the very last minute?  Be it a huge project or an intimate dinner party? Please chime in and share you last minute thoughts.

And speaking of last minute… In these last few of Black History Month have you checked out the Black History issue of Shades of Romance Magazine?  I’m in there on page 32 plus a whole host of much more fab authors sharing their thoughts on Writing The Book and Black History. A wonderful read. Check it out here.


Have a great one!


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  • Clara Freeman

    Hi Kwana,

    Cograts on your 2nd book in the romance genre…love writing those myself, only seem to be stuck in the short story category:)

    I don’t know if you/r publisher provide copies for review? I’d love to do write up for clara54’swritiersforum. That is not the reason for email. I’m hosting writers & authors at my forum for writers and was hoping youd like to discuss writing the romance and talk about your books and other ptojects.

    Please visit the site and let me know if you’re interested. I have writing instructor & author, Angela Meredith on this friday and an award winning filmmaker the next…time constraints is considered, so no deadline. You can send your guest post via email or attached if you’d prefer.

    Peace & blessing,