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Look Up

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s been doing his best to get as many dog treats as possible out of me. It’s been working. I really have to toughen up so he doesn’t get fat. Can’t have a chubby Yorkie. He’s already the worlds biggest Yorkie. I’d like him to stay fit. So stop being so darned cute and sly Jack.

Look up.
We have a tree on our block between my house and my neighbor’s that is a total showoff. It turns earlier than all the other trees, I think so it doesn’t have to share the spotlight with the other trees. So what do I go and do to boost the tree’s ego further? I take some pics. I just could not resist.

As I’m snapping away a nanny goes by pushing an angelic baby and she says ,”I like your tree.” I have the nerve to preen and say, “thank you.” Pla-ease, as if I deserve one ounce of the glory.

Have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to Look up.
Now please excuse me. I’ve have some leaves to clean up.