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    Sex vs. Fab

    Of course like so many I’m super excited about Sex In The City 2, but I can’t help but have some of the same trepidation about it that I had when 1 was coming out. Could it possibly live up to the first? Have that same spark and excitement?

    And come on are the ladies in Marrakesh?

    Can they possibly be as funny as these ladies in Marrakesh? I doubt it. It’s a tall order.

    What do you think?


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    Sparkle Love

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is cool. He had a good Jack weekend. I’d say it wasn’t Jacked up at all. Full of food, walks and lots of chilling out. He’s a happy dog.

    So like every other teenage girl and their sad mom the DD and I saw New Moon this weekend. We sent the poor DH to get tickets for us early, in another town no less, at an obscure theater in hopes that it wouldn’t be too crowded. It was. But all was good anyway after the 25 minute popcorn wait.
    The DH went with us. The DS (dear son and other teen twin) wanted no parts of it. I guess he wanted to be able to go back to school and say to his friends he resisted the pull of Edward and Jacob. Little did he know a Twilight screening was the place to be for a tall 16 year old boy, he will live and learn.

    I had loads of fun and thought this movie was of much better quality than the first. Maybe because I wasn’t smack up against so much vamp powder make-up all the time. Hey, the wolf pack can hang in the sun all they like.

    I thought this was a sullen narcissistic teen girl’s dream. Pout, whine, and I still have all the boys giving you attention. What is not there to make this box office gold? The formula was suddenly clear to me.

    The best part of the whole night though was my DH’s reaction to all the squealing girls whenever Jacob would come on screen (and don’t let him not have a shirt on). I think I counted no less than 12 “Ohmygods” from the DD and at least the same amount of groaning “Oh H-E double LL’s” from the DH. A crack up.

    Good times.


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    And Featuring…

    What’s Jack up to? Nothing much besides being the Just Jackster lately and having quite a time with that. He had fun helping the DD with a photography project for school what got him plenty of bribe treats in order to keep still (which he never did do) so WIN for him.

    Happy Monday and Happy Columbus Day!
    This is probably one of the latest Julie and Julia posts ever but here goes. Many of you know that Julie and Julia was my last book group book and I was quite excited to read this book and even more excited to see the movie with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

    Well, I guess too excited because I did an off reversal thing that I really thought would work. I saw the movie before reading the book and as it happens, I LOVED the movie, maybe a little too much.

    The problem with that was the movie, for me, was adapted so differently from the book that it made the book hard to separate and enjoy and I think if I had read the book first, I would have enjoyed it more. Or if I read the book maybe a year prior and then read Julia’s MY LIFE IN FRANCE and had those to go on I would have had a different experience.
    That said, this is not really what this post is about. This post is about the other little star of the movie. You all know how I can get swayed by a good accessory. Don’t let a fine handbag cross the screen. Clive Owen can be bare chested and I will barely notice. Well, that fine accessory moment in Julie and Julia was the Le Creuset dutch oven moment. I instantly turned to the DH and whispered, half breathless, “look my pot”. He just sighed knowing the trouble ahead.

    I had been coveting one of these pots for years but just could not justify the purchase of one in my own mind even a discounted one (on sale) and I really didn’t want another brand. You know how it goes. Real or Canal Street knock off? I go for real every time.
    Well this weekend after countless trips to Home Goods and TJ Maxx the DH had had it with me and the anniversary had not quite worn off so I now have my very own pretty yellow dutch oven. (sorry it’s dark in the pics)

    The first meal: braised ox tail stew with onions, peppers and potatoes. A fave of the DH.

    I also got this great casserole and one-pot book for myself to go with it. Who knew I’d be so happy over a pot?

    Could I be sorta domesticated? Kinda?
    Um… Nah. I’m not getting crazy here.


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    Me Time

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s chilling after a fine weekend and being Just Jack. After a pretty dreary Saturday the sun came out on Sunday and Jack out in nice long walk with his buddy Bentley then just chilled and chilled some more. Oh the life.

    I had an odd weekend. Not odd really, but odd for me. Got to steal a little time for myself which is so very necessary to my sanity every once in a while.

    I found myself alone (well not quite, there were 2 other in need of peace moms there) in the movies. I was doing a little mom therapy and seeing Whip It which I just loved and highly recommend. A total girl power movie with tons of coolness and a rocking soundtrack. It also has the added bonus of being sweet as pie.

    Then I ended up on the West Side going to celebrate a friends B-day. Man there are lots of much younger peeps out having loads of fun at all hours. I’d almost forgotten that world. But still I adore NYC at night. It’s so in my blood, so home.

    How was your weekend? Did you get in any U time?


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    Anna and Grace a Love Story

    Hello Monday! How was the weekend everyone? It’s sort of still going on with it being a holiday today and the family is home.

    This weekend I did get in a bit of fun going to see The September Issue with my good buddy PVE. Now Patricia was the perfect person to see this with since we’ve been friends for X number of years when we were both still working in fashion BC (before children).

    I thoroughly enjoyed The September Issue or Anna and Grace A Love Story as I’m calling it.

    The whole story arc that pitted Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington (Vogue’s creative director) against each other, but still united in their love of fashion and Vogue was wonderful. I was sucked in by the fact that both women started at Vogue on the same day over 20 years ago. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in those days.

    It does make me wonder if people will one day think of me and my friend PVE once we’re both big names. Her a famous artist and me a bestselling author (wink,wink-Universe).

    Will they wonder how we were back all those years when we were still cubicle girls in the fashion biz? Still wide eyed dreamers tottering on our heels and looking for recognition. I wonder.
    I do know we’ll still be dreamers.

    Once a dreamer, always a dreamer.


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    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s been enjoying peaceful warm days and wild evening with the dear twins. They give him no rest and he gives them none either. So with that I get none. The nights are …fun?

    Not a big one for conspiracy theories, well, maybe a bit but not the scary ones I’m still still crazy drawn to this movie. It’s got John Cusack. Win there and it’s directed by Roland Emmerich director of Independence Day another win. I saw this trailer during Harry Potter with the Dear Twins and can’t get it out of my head. It’s wild.

    Don’t know where I’ll be in 2012, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be in the IMAX come November.

    What movies are you looking forward to?

    Oh and it’s Real Hot Mess of ATL Countdown time. Are you ready for tomorrow?


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    Funny Lady

    How much do I love Maya Rudolph? Thisssss Much. Check her out here doing Bronx Beat with Amy Poehler and cutie patootie Jake Gyllenhaal on SNL.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing her in Away We Go. My kinda sweet movie. Here’s the trailer:

    She’s my kinda funny lady. And I can use the laughs right about now.


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    Vex Therapy

    Yesterday was particularly vexing starting with stress and ending with a migraine. But I refuse to completely buckle under life’s woes. Honestly, I don’t have that luxury. I mean who really has room for a fainting couch anyway?

    So I decided to end the day by popping old faithful, Pride and Prejudice into the DVD player. A little Jane Austen with lovely Colin Firth is always good for the soul.

    But check out this wonderful tribute video that out found dedicated to Mr. Collins played so well by David Bamber one of the best characters evah!

    How do you deal when things get vexing?


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    I’m a Vulcan!

    And My hair is fab! Though everything else is just strange and freaky.

    Create Your Own

    Oh Kristen and Mel you do find the best things. Thanks so much!

    Now go and make your own here and keep the joy going. Happy Friday.



    1. Book/Dinner/Wine/Mom’s night out was so much fun. We had an exciting discussion over The Ten Year Nap. We even got lively over the word ‘piquant’. All different views on the characters and the style of writing. We were the loudest in the restaurant. Thank goodness we were in the back and we were the last to leave the restaurant. Too funny.

    2.Did you watch the real Hot Messes of NYC part 2 reunion? So fun! The best. Le Countess giving Kelly the business. Who woulda thunk it? Then the Kelly Bethenny showdown. Whoa!

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    Another Monday- Say Thanks

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has had a fun weekend. We got a bit of sun so Jack’s had some time to be out and run around in the fresh air. Of course that doesn’t stop him from getting into high jinks. That’s a great word for Jack. High jinks.

    Another Monday. They just keep coming don’t they? You know we really should be thankful for that. I know that putting the breaks on a really good Saturday or better yet a fun Friday night sounds awfully good sometimes, but hey it’s impossible so I guess I’ll be thankful today for another Monday and another chance to say hi to all of you.
    I’m feeling ok today. I’ve been quite blah lately, not that I’m swinging from the chandeliers, or that they could hold me, but I’m cool today and holding onto that.

    I had a great time at the 80’s party on Saturday night. I went with Frau’s (thanks Frau) suggestion of the boyfriend jacket and leggings with a touch of neon (thanks David) in my vintage Prince concert tee from 1988. I was so happy when I found it in the back of my drawer. It’s the one article of clothing that just seems to never makes it to the donation bag. I still HEART Prince. The party rocked! We danced and sang and one dad tore it up by break dancing. He showed the Dear Teens what it was really all about in his Aidais sweats and cool attitude.
    Mother’s Day turned out lovely. It started early with going to church and next was a screening of the new Star Trek. Can you say Vulcan crush? Cuz I haz one.

    The movie was wonderful I loved seeing the reintroduction of all the new old characters. I can’t wait for the next one. I hope filming will start soon.
    Then I planted my yearly geraniums in the pot for my porch and ended the evening with Chinese food and The Celebrity Apprentice finale. It was a good day.
    In other news: I’ll be forty in 1 month. Yikes!
    How was your weekend?