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Another Monday- Say Thanks

What’s Jack up to? Jack has had a fun weekend. We got a bit of sun so Jack’s had some time to be out and run around in the fresh air. Of course that doesn’t stop him from getting into high jinks. That’s a great word for Jack. High jinks.

Another Monday. They just keep coming don’t they? You know we really should be thankful for that. I know that putting the breaks on a really good Saturday or better yet a fun Friday night sounds awfully good sometimes, but hey it’s impossible so I guess I’ll be thankful today for another Monday and another chance to say hi to all of you.
I’m feeling ok today. I’ve been quite blah lately, not that I’m swinging from the chandeliers, or that they could hold me, but I’m cool today and holding onto that.

I had a great time at the 80’s party on Saturday night. I went with Frau’s (thanks Frau) suggestion of the boyfriend jacket and leggings with a touch of neon (thanks David) in my vintage Prince concert tee from 1988. I was so happy when I found it in the back of my drawer. It’s the one article of clothing that just seems to never makes it to the donation bag. I still HEART Prince. The party rocked! We danced and sang and one dad tore it up by break dancing. He showed the Dear Teens what it was really all about in his Aidais sweats and cool attitude.
Mother’s Day turned out lovely. It started early with going to church and next was a screening of the new Star Trek. Can you say Vulcan crush? Cuz I haz one.

The movie was wonderful I loved seeing the reintroduction of all the new old characters. I can’t wait for the next one. I hope filming will start soon.
Then I planted my yearly geraniums in the pot for my porch and ended the evening with Chinese food and The Celebrity Apprentice finale. It was a good day.
In other news: I’ll be forty in 1 month. Yikes!
How was your weekend?