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    Blame Kristen

    What’s Jack up to? Here he is (still needing a haircut) jumping in on me taking a picture of this cool ribbon scarf I finished. Jack this is not your shot. Scoot. He has the nerve to try and pose too! Ugh, I’ve created a monster with bad hair.

    I’m starting on another scarf for someone special (shhh…) in the same stitch. As you can tell I really like this drop stitch. It’s not hard and looks so pretty. I’m loving this slightly ribboned yarn with a bit of mohair I found. It’s sturdy, but delicate.

    So I’ve been tagged again. This time by Kristen and she looks so sweet. Hmm…

    You’re feeling: Tired and a little anxious

    To your left: Books, a table lamp, way too many papers

    On your mind: Oh, just everything. My kids mostly, my DH, my WIP, my bills, too much.

    Last meal included: Totally top chef- not: Meatloaf, Kraft Mac and cheese and string beans, HA!

    You sometimes find it hard to: Chill out.

    The weather: raining and still too cold!

    Something you have a collection of: Books, Magazines, yarn

    A smell that cheers you up: lavender, spring rain, cut grass

    A smell that can ruin your mood: Mint. I can’t stand it!

    How long since you last shaved: Too long, I’m a bit over due.

    The current state of your hair: Ugh. Dry and choppy. Must get it done for NEC.

    The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): some special yellow fake flowers that will make it to their destination one day

    Your skill with chopsticks: so-so

    Which section you head for first in a bookstore: center tables then Romance

    Something you’re craving: always Pasta.

    Your general thoughts on the presidential race: Scroll down a bit and you’ll see then make up your own mind.

    How many times have you been hospitalized this year: More than I’d like.

    Favorite place to go for a quiet moment: Movies. Not quiet but a great escape for me.

    You’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: Actress.

    Something that freaks you out a little: Gum on the side of a plate.

    Something you’ve eaten too much of lately: Pasta. See above.

    You have never: Jumped out of a plane

    You never want to: Jump out of a plane

    People I’m tagging: Elizabeth, Mommy The Robot, Patricia and Eileen again!

    Oh, Did any one watch Survivor? Erik totally sold Ami out. She really tried to fight it out and I thought she had something there but it was a no go. There was no way Ozzy was letting go of his most adoring fan. So funny!

    And… on Make Me A Supermodel Holly Wins!!! Yay! I’m so glad she beat out those way too smug boys (Ronnie). Ha! This show actually grew on me. Who knew?

    Ok, now I’m gone. Smiles! Happy Friday.



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    Knit Wednesday- Diary of a Mad Black Woman

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s being his usual handful. Getting underfoot and chasing behind my every step today. Watch it, Jack. You could get stepped on that way.

    It’s been a while since my little group has been able to get together for our knit Wednesday, but we’re back in the swing today and I’m all excited. I need to get out of my own head and life for a few hours. The world of teen twins is driving me mad. MAD I SAY!!!! But, I’ll just leave it there so as not to fuel the already roaring fire.

    Today at knitting we’ll be singing a belated Happy Birthday to Sue! Happy Birthday Sue!!! Sue’s a wife, mother and artist originally from Australia and she’s super cool. I tell you I really lucked out in the friend and neighbor department.

    As for my knitting progress, sadly, I’m no further with my socks, well, sock and being a total Gemini, I’ve gone onto trying this scarf in this lovely ribbon yarn I had picked up last year for a song.

    It has this cool drop stitch that’s easy, but makes me feel very clever. I just love that. There’s not many times nowadays that I actually get feel clever (see above). So I’ll take it where I can get it.

    It seems Internet fame is going to Jack’s head and now I can’t pick up a camera without him jumping in front of it. Here he is talking the spotlight off the knitting. Thanks Jack. BTW-Does someone desperately need a Spring Haircut? Where are your eyes, Jack? I’ve a right mind to gel that hair up!

    Oh, anybody catch the “Not So Real” Housewives of New York? Ugh. Why is my dear Bravo not paying me good money to film my not so fabulous life? I’d give them a right good show. Sure the DH can’t just get a jet to send the DD to detox and we don’t prefer “The Islands” over “The Hamptons” more like, “Six Flags” over “Bush Gardens”, but we’re real and with the Teen Titan Twins we’ve got drama to spare. Besides with me they’d actually get a diverse housewife. Novel idea huh? OK. Mini rant over. I’ll still watch next week anyway because I’m lame like that and I want to see that creepy Speedo hubby that can’t leave his wife’s side.

    Check out Top Check Tonight!

    So what’s up for your Wednesday?



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    Welcome to the darkside

    I want to give a shout out to my knitting buddy and brand new blogger, Eileen- aka- Wish List Mom.

    With a push from Patricia (thanks for the shout-out today) and I, instead of knitting, Eileen set up her blog today. She’s a wife, mother, home-based business owner and loves TV just as much as I do! Could it be true.?Today she’s blogging about some craziness going on at Big Brother. Hop on over and give her a welcome.

    Have fun Eileen!
    image thanks to flickr
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    Flu Shot

    I’m still a bit out of sorts, but I think I’m on an upturn. Hooray! Not being able to read and make any sense of the words, I pulled out this sock that I seem to have been knitting for a year. Sigh…
    But, finally I’m turning the heel! I don’t think there is anything else in the world like turning the heel to make me feel so smart and so dumb at the same time. Always in the middle I swear I’m doing it wrong. I’m never confidant in what I’ve done until I’m halfway back down the foot. Wish me luck on my journey.

    Besides my knitting, I turned to my old standby of Pride and Prejudice to lift my spirits. Now I know it’s on PBS tonight, but I was in dire need of an afternoon fix. Is there anything better on a snowy winter’s day? I think not.



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    Knit one and one and one…

    What’s Jack up to? He bummed about the terrible weather and being stuck inside. Sorry Jack.

    It’s knit Wednesday. Last week’s Knit Wednesday got moved to Friday. It was hosted by the lovely PVE. As you can see here, her artistic flare is evident in all she does. And this weeks got derailed by a snow/rain storm and school delay. Oh well, it should be a good writing day.

    I finished my ribbon scarf from that wonderful Colinette Giotto yarn. I think I like it. That’s always the way with me once I finish a project. But this is what I wanted, a long skinny scarf that I could wear with tee shirts. It’ll do the job.

    So now I’m at a knitting crossroads. I’ve got a sock on some needles that I’m not too excited about knitting, but I am excited to wear, so I need to knit them. I should have tried them in a pattern. But really the problem is I want to start a new project. Something that will not be too hard, but look hard and will bring me into the spring. But do I really want to do a whole sweater? No. Hmm, maybe a shrug? I’d love to try one in a fancy stitch. Now there’s a possibility. Time to hit the books.


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    What’s Jack up to? Besides stealing slippers and having me walk barefoot on the cold floor, Jack is quiet this morning. Thanks, Jack.

    Yesterday was my day to host my weekly knitting group. We unofficailly go as: The Knit Witches and if you come at the wrong time you can sub another word entirely for Witches. (Wink, wink, ladies!)

    As always, it was a fun unwind in the middle of the week and nice to catch up on the suburban news. The coffee and the talk were flowing freely. For now The Witches will remain anonymous in order to protect the not so innocent.

    Progress was going well on all the ladies projects although, I’d like a little more forward movement on my scarf. Hosting knitting made it tough to stick to WW, but it’s once a week and I had the ladies take home all the leftovers. Thank goodness, because if that leftover Chocolate Almond Slice was in my house this morning it was sooo be eaten. Check out this spread. Chocolate almond slice is on the bottom of the photo. Yes, on my plate.

    I hope you get to take a little time to sit and get with your crew this week.



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    What’s Jack up to? Today he’s totally wild and happy to go out and get some fresh air. I suspect he’s searching for spring to come soon. Me too, Jack.

    Yarnapy– Yarn as therapy.

    I was feeling like I needed a mind release. You know how it is, life’s throwing so much at you that you have to stop, just breathe and do nothing. So I came across this decadent escape at one of my favorite yarn shops, Flying Fingers. I smiled as soon as I saw it and knew it had to be mine. It’s from Colinette Yarns called Giotto and its a cool mix of Cotton,Rayon and Nylon.

    The colors are drool worthy. It’s a sumptuous mix of mossy green, a pale teal with soft pumpkin, golden rod and something I can only describe as earth. The picture does not do it justice.

    I don’t know what I’ll make with it yet. Maybe an easy scarf to toss around my neck come early spring. I’ll play with stitches to find one that really shows of the beauty of this yarn. I love it! Something to occupy my fingers and ease my mind.


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    Sweet escape

    On Wednesdays I join a cool group of women for our weekly knitting group. When I first started it I have to admit, I felt a little guilty. I got plenty of the, “oh, it’s nice you have the time for that,” comments. That didn’t help the guilty feeling. But I’m getting over it.

    The other comments were the, “I could never do that, I don’t have the patience, I’m not creative” ones. I don’t believe it. Everyone has some creative spark. I’m no expert knitter and may never be, but it’s about the journey and anyone can take a journey. Just gas up the car and go.

    Being a writer is a solitary life and even when I’m not writing, the story or the submission of the story is first in my mind. On top of being a writer, I’m a mother and wife and, well, I’m sure you all know that’s a never ending job.

    That said, I’m grateful for my group, which gives me a wonderful outlet and for two hours a week takes me out of my own angst filled creative bubble. Besides, it’s fun to sit with a cool group of women and laugh at the everyday stuff of life. We’re all different, but still very much the same in unexpected ways.

    There’s not much progress to report on my socks, maybe 5 rows. No need to photograph that. But here is something I did finish this week. It’s a hat for a big sister to match the one I knit for her little sister who’s to be born in a few weeks.

    So what’s your outlet? Something just for you that gives you that little something to make you smile. Feel free to share.


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    Weekend knitting

    What’s Jack up to? Just chillin’. It’s really a good life on the weekend.

    I wanted to share my slow progress on this pair of socks I’m working on. I just love the richness of this Mountain Colors yarn. There’s just something about knitting a pair of socks. It makes you feel so darn smart and really you don’t have to me ‘that’ smart. You just have to be able to follow directions.

    I’ve knitted a few pair now (the second sock is always a true test of fortitude) but, so far, this pair here in this wonderful Lang self patterning yarn is my favorite. How fancy am I knitting something like this? No one really has to know that it’s the genius behind the self patterning yarn that makes it come out this way. Hee Hee. Love it. And a bonus is knitting keeps my fingers busy, so I can’t eat. It’s a total replacement strategy.

    Oh and I got these clogs just to show off the socks. What a crunchy/granola fashionista I am!

    One day I’ll get brave enough to try a pair with a cable. Eek.


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    Back to the Grind

    What’s Jack up to? Today he’s in the chair at the window, looking sad as everyone leaves to go to school and work and he’s left with just me. Sorry dude.
    So it’s back to the grind for everyone. On this the first day back to school and work after the long holiday vacation I’ll be doing like mothers all across the country and trying my best to get my house back in order. Christmas decorations to take down, a mountain of laundry to do, cleaning that could take days and the small thing of a book to finish polishing.
    Everyone left with only a small amount of nagging and disturbance. “Let’s go, let’s go! you won’t have time to eat if you don’t hurry up, did you get your lunch, do you have all your books, what about your instrument, two minutes, the bus is coming, you’ll be walking if you don’t hurry, call me after school, write down all your work, do well and oh, love ya, have a good day.” Whew.
    On another note: I have been loving this sweater on the cover of Suss Cousins’ Hollywood Knits for the longest time. I think it will make the most perfect black turtleneck. In my dreams it’s bulky, but light weight and I knit it up perfectly making it just the right length for my long torso. In my dreams.

    In reality, I’ve only finished three other sweaters (tons of scarves) and they have not have come out as perfectly as I first imagined. Passable, but not quite there. But always the hopeful one, I’ll keep trying.

    Right now I’m working on a new pair of socks in a very cool Mountain Colors Yarn that a friend gave me as a gift. I have such great friends.