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    The Two Sock Moment

    What’s Jack up to? As I write this he’s asleep on his blanket atop the couch as I listen to the rain continue to fall. It’s been some day.

    Those of you that have been with me for a long long time will remember my One Sock Moment post. I got lots of really nice comments and I liked that post (if I may say so myself) about not giving up and perseverance or maybe chucking it all. You can check it out here. Since that post life and the Gemini in me took over and the second sock seemed to take forever to get knitted with stress, family, dishes, writing and lets face it, The Not So Real Housewives getting in the way of finishing the other sock. Not to mention my Christmas knitting. But finally the One Sock Moment is over and just in time for Spring too. I now have a nice pair of 100% wool socks to wear for the upcoming warm days. Aren’t they pretty?

    But really there is only one thing that can beat the feeling of getting over the hurdle of the One Sock Moment and that is the accomplishment of the Two Sock Moment.

    I have to remember this feeling and bring more of it into my sometimes (excuse the word but it fits) half @ssed life.
    How about you? What projects are just waiting for you to get back to them and polish them off. Bringing a sense of finality and accomplishment to your heart. I can quickly tick a few more off in my own life.

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    Spring Forward- New Knits

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a Knit Wednesday post. Mainly, because I’m embarrassed to be so far behind in my knitting. I’m still on that darn second sock. Every once in a while knitting a row here and there and when it’s our Wednesday knitting group but mostly doing more therapeutic chatting than knitting.

    I also have a bulky black turtleneck that I fear may be done by the winter of 2020 at the rate I’m going but at this point my mind is now onto lighter prettier things like this:

    The pattern is called Spring Forward.

    Isn’t it sweet? From here and unfortunately way out of my league. I’d probably have to start with taking a class in lace knitting before a could graduate up to a circular sock in such a pattern but isn’t it nice to dream?

    New thing to add to my goal list: Take a class in lace knitting.

    Tell me, what’s something new you’d like to learn?



    How funny are the Not So Real Housewives of the NYC? Thisssss funny. That dis-Countess and Ramona had me laughing so hard last night. I sure needed that at 10PM. And Alex and Simon in their sad blow up pool. I cracked up but it gave me something to like about them. I should get one for the DH and I. We’ll be living the high life too.

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    Meditative Work

    What’s Jack up to? As I write this Jack is chilling on his perch on the back of the couch. Yep, King of the castle that’s him.

    Last night as I was watching Survivor the DH confiscated my Laptop to do some work of his own so my fingers were left idle. Oh no, what to do? I looked around and saw my lonely knitting bag on my closet doorknob.

    I’m embarrassed to say I have fallen out of the habit of knitting outside of my weekly group. Remember casting on? Well, that darn sock still is not done! Lately, at home it seems that all my time is on the computer, in the kitchen, laundry room, car or nose in a book, thoughts jumping from one task to the next. My mind and body never resting. So much that even when I’m asleep, it’s broken with a mind going at a rate that I can’t shut off. It’s been all work, work, work and I find pleasure for myself slipping lower and lower on my priority list.

    It was so enjoyable to pick up my needles and just let the stitches add up. With each wrap of the yarn I found a small bit of tension ease. “In, wrap, slip through, pull off.” “ In, wrap, slip through, pull off.” “ In, wrap, slip through, pull off.” The stitches lining up like little solders and my brain slowly coming to rest. No room for any other thoughts but, “in, wrap, slip through, pull off. “
    What sort of meditative work do you do when you need to slow it down?

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    Knit Wednesday

    Sorry for the delay with the pictures and don’t say I didn’t warn you about being underwhelmed, but here they are, the pics of my two finished knitting projects from over Christmas. The first is of one the fingerless gloves that I did for my DD. They came out a little too big for her and I have to take them in. I love the hombre yarn though. Each side of the glove is different. The pattern was from Hollywood Knits by Suss Cousins . A book I just love.

    The next is of the roll brim hat that I did for my DH that took way too long. I’m so happy that he has worn it everyday since Christmas so it was worth the time.

    I’m almost done with the hat for my DS. Poor thing, his Christmas gift is turning into a birthday gift.

    Today was supposed to be my day to meet with my knitting group. After a couple of weeks off I was looking forward to whooping it up with my friends, catch up on town stuff and get back on the knitting track, but due to icy weather schools are closed today. Sigh. To me the weather is not bad enough for a school closing, but whatever. I’ll try hard to keep my kids halfway focused on a bit of studying today. Not easy with teens.


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    Flying Fingers

    Christmas Project update: I got another “easy” (yeah right. only about 10,000 little stitches) project finished last night. Only one more “easy” project to go. I can see the finish line.

    I’ll post photos after Christmas. Trust me you’ll be underwhelmed.


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    Casting On

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s wondering where this week went to. Nah, that’s just me. He’s doing the hanging in the hall closet thing that he loves so much. I just don’t get that dog sometimes and I’m sure he’s probably thinking the same thing about crazy me.

    Casting on in knitting is always done with a a little bit of fear and excitement. But like the point of the One Sock Moment a decision must be made otherwise you’re left stuck in the same place or hopping around in a circle on one foot.

    So you cast-on with nothing more than a vague road map, a pile of string and faith in your ability to produce something out of not too much, but your drive and ambition.

    Notice it doesn’t hurt to have something lovely like Pride and Prejudice in the background to inspire you!

    Tell me what have you been thinking about casting on? A book, a painting, a business venture, a night class, a new love, an old love? Yummy. Don’t get stuck in a one sock moment. Time is too short.

    Take a deep breath and cast-on.


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    The One Sock Moment

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s been cool today. Thankfully, no running around the block, so no complaints from me. I won’t even mention the paper towels he shredded after I swept the kitchen. He’s lucky he’s so darn cute.

    Here’s my sock.

    Yep, it’s just one. That’s all I’ve got. Part of me feels like, hey, at least I’ve finished this one. Knit it myself and that’s a big enough accomplishment. I can always alternate feet. Right one day, left the other. No good? Yeah, you’re probably right. The problem is I’m at that one sock moment. You know that point of too far to turn back, but just far enough to want to.

    We’ve all been there I’m sure. You decide you’re going to finally tackle organizing your closet. So you pull all the crap out and at about 4 hours into it you look at the tornado that’s now your bedroom and realize you still have about 5 hours of work and want to cry. Or maybe your one sock moment goes a little deeper. What if you’re 50,000 words into your 100,000 word manuscript and realize the direction is all wrong? Or 2 1/2 years into that 5 year career plan and realize you’re at a fork in the road. Or dare I say it? You’re at the halfway point of a lifetime of togetherness and just feeling blah.

    So what’s the next step when you really don’t feel like taking the expected step?

    Don’t look to me for the answer. I’m tired of this sock. Right now I’m going to have a quickie with a hat.



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    Knitting order

    What’s Jack up to? Jack busy being my live vacuum cleaner. Going around nibbling and licking things up off the floor. A sign of my poor housekeeping I’m sure. Thanks for the not so subtle hint, Jack.

    Life is starting to feel terribly disordered. The bloom is off the rose of school already and the fangs are coming out on one of the dear teens. I tell ya, I’d love to always be one of those pretty young blogs, all sweet and pastel that talk about the bliss of domestic life and motherhood, but there are days when I just can’t. I’ve got teens. Young teens. A boy and and girl and that means stress. So there.

    I was doing some mommy blog hopping and honestly from what I can see from most of these pretty young blogs the moms have pretty young children so they are not living my life. This blog might be a lot prettier and a lot less driven toward my escape to non-reality tv if I my kids were 4 and not 14.

    That said I’m feeling the need for some sort of order and control so I’m picking up another WIP for a few moments to soothe my mind and make me smile. Knitting anyone? I should at least be able to get these stitches in line if I can’t my kids. At least this sock will be done.

    What are some of your ways to de-stress?



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    Knit Wednesday

    What’s Jack up to? He’s chilling and happy. Feeling springy and getting into all sorts of mess. Why does he do this right after he gets a bath though? Ugh!

    I decided to do a knit Wednesday today and making it wordless for 5minutes for mom since unless I’m with my knitting group I’m not talking much while knitting. Remember the lovely little scarf I started a while back….

    Well, I finished it and gave it to Ms. Marley as a present for her Sorority 101 book launch. Here it is along with my strange toes. LOL. I like how it came out. Plus I gave it to her just in time for 70 degree weather. Perfect!

    Now it’s time for me to start a new project. I’m going to go for something ambitious that will take me into fall. More to come later.

    Besides knitting yarn I’m busy knitting up the plot of my newest book. What are you knitting up this Wednesday?



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    Mish-Mosh Wednesday

    What’s Jack up to? He’s jumping around going wild since all the ladies are coming over at our place for knitting today. Jack please don’t be too nutty. Folks won’t want to come back.
    It’s kind of a mish-mosh Wednesday today.
    First up Fashion. Specifically Wide Leg Jeans. They are all over the mags again and I actually got a pair (total impulse buy) that I haven’t worn yet. I feel like they can go either way. With the wrong top or shoes it could easily be shlump city. To me it’s all about the tiny top and the heel with these pants and honestly I can’t walk in heels. Eek. Who know when I’ll wear them. What do you all think?

    photo Marie Claire


    In Top Model News. Season 3 runner up Yaya Dacosta is now on ABC’s daytime soap All My Children playing the daughter of newly back Angie Hubbard. Yes, I’ve been known to watch AMC. Actually I grew up on on it at Nana’s knee. Seems it’s old home week on AMC Angie and Jessie are back together and now they are being Dixie back from the dead as a ghost. Wonder if Yaya will help sell some Charmed books and perfume. Ugh.

    Tune in tomorrow for a great interview to celebrate the launch day for my bud Marley Gibson and her Sorority 101 series!