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Casting On

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s wondering where this week went to. Nah, that’s just me. He’s doing the hanging in the hall closet thing that he loves so much. I just don’t get that dog sometimes and I’m sure he’s probably thinking the same thing about crazy me.

Casting on in knitting is always done with a a little bit of fear and excitement. But like the point of the One Sock Moment a decision must be made otherwise you’re left stuck in the same place or hopping around in a circle on one foot.

So you cast-on with nothing more than a vague road map, a pile of string and faith in your ability to produce something out of not too much, but your drive and ambition.

Notice it doesn’t hurt to have something lovely like Pride and Prejudice in the background to inspire you!

Tell me what have you been thinking about casting on? A book, a painting, a business venture, a night class, a new love, an old love? Yummy. Don’t get stuck in a one sock moment. Time is too short.

Take a deep breath and cast-on.