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Knit one and one and one…

What’s Jack up to? He bummed about the terrible weather and being stuck inside. Sorry Jack.

It’s knit Wednesday. Last week’s Knit Wednesday got moved to Friday. It was hosted by the lovely PVE. As you can see here, her artistic flare is evident in all she does. And this weeks got derailed by a snow/rain storm and school delay. Oh well, it should be a good writing day.

I finished my ribbon scarf from that wonderful Colinette Giotto yarn. I think I like it. That’s always the way with me once I finish a project. But this is what I wanted, a long skinny scarf that I could wear with tee shirts. It’ll do the job.

So now I’m at a knitting crossroads. I’ve got a sock on some needles that I’m not too excited about knitting, but I am excited to wear, so I need to knit them. I should have tried them in a pattern. But really the problem is I want to start a new project. Something that will not be too hard, but look hard and will bring me into the spring. But do I really want to do a whole sweater? No. Hmm, maybe a shrug? I’d love to try one in a fancy stitch. Now there’s a possibility. Time to hit the books.