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Knit Wednesday- Diary of a Mad Black Woman

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s being his usual handful. Getting underfoot and chasing behind my every step today. Watch it, Jack. You could get stepped on that way.

It’s been a while since my little group has been able to get together for our knit Wednesday, but we’re back in the swing today and I’m all excited. I need to get out of my own head and life for a few hours. The world of teen twins is driving me mad. MAD I SAY!!!! But, I’ll just leave it there so as not to fuel the already roaring fire.

Today at knitting we’ll be singing a belated Happy Birthday to Sue! Happy Birthday Sue!!! Sue’s a wife, mother and artist originally from Australia and she’s super cool. I tell you I really lucked out in the friend and neighbor department.

As for my knitting progress, sadly, I’m no further with my socks, well, sock and being a total Gemini, I’ve gone onto trying this scarf in this lovely ribbon yarn I had picked up last year for a song.

It has this cool drop stitch that’s easy, but makes me feel very clever. I just love that. There’s not many times nowadays that I actually get feel clever (see above). So I’ll take it where I can get it.

It seems Internet fame is going to Jack’s head and now I can’t pick up a camera without him jumping in front of it. Here he is talking the spotlight off the knitting. Thanks Jack. BTW-Does someone desperately need a Spring Haircut? Where are your eyes, Jack? I’ve a right mind to gel that hair up!

Oh, anybody catch the “Not So Real” Housewives of New York? Ugh. Why is my dear Bravo not paying me good money to film my not so fabulous life? I’d give them a right good show. Sure the DH can’t just get a jet to send the DD to detox and we don’t prefer “The Islands” over “The Hamptons” more like, “Six Flags” over “Bush Gardens”, but we’re real and with the Teen Titan Twins we’ve got drama to spare. Besides with me they’d actually get a diverse housewife. Novel idea huh? OK. Mini rant over. I’ll still watch next week anyway because I’m lame like that and I want to see that creepy Speedo hubby that can’t leave his wife’s side.

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So what’s up for your Wednesday?