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Top Chef- The wait is almost over!

What’s Jack up to? Sweet Jack is being a bit of a devil as usual. Biting slippers, stealing socks, jumping in and out of tubs-for reasons I don’t know why. Another day just, Jack being, Jack.

In honor of the Blog Party I thought I’d share my fun story of cute guys in the kitchen. (sorry to my buds who already heard this one a million times)

So last year I was in NYC on a gorgeous day for a doctors appointment. Now, I wasn’t thrilled because this appointment was way downtown and I had to take an extra train to get there. When I was leaving I decided to walk a bit through Union Square on my way to a yarn store to see what I could find.

As I come across the park I see a small crowd of people milling about and it being New York anything could be happening. Could be good, could be bad. I walked closer, squinted and saw there was a Bravo sign. Could it be the Bravo channel that I love so much? I had to see. I crossed over and like a good New Yorker just blended into the crowd and asked the eager looking gal next to me, very matter of factly, “what’s this all about?”

She turned to me and said. “They’re doing a Top Chef challenge with Sam and Ilan out here today to promote the new season!”

What?! Needless to say any cool I had or dreams of new yarn went out the window as I eagerly anticipated seeing the sweet Ilan and the Way-to-cute-to-be-able-to-cook Sam do battle.

Padma starts off introducing them both.
Don’t you just love a man in the kitchen?
Work boys, work!
Sam filling out his sweater way too well!
The new cast was introduced. Now after analyzing this I was convinced that Tre would win since he was not there and my theory was they had the winner under wraps. Boy was I wrong! Check out Hung front and center. Ugh!

Then the perfect end to the day. Suddenly I was up front and Sam was right there taking photos and the normally shy me turns to the eager gal next to me, she’s now my new best friend. I hand her my phone. I look nervously at Sam and ask, trying to be cool of course, “can I get a picture with you?” (suddenly I’m 13). He smiled kindly, I’m about the 10th crazy women in the past 30 seconds to do this, but Sam smiles and says, “sure”. Sigh…

Please excuse the goofy and grin (my DH can’t believe how wide my smile is) and bad hair, but what a fun day!

Oh and Ilan won the challenge, but you know who won my heart.