Sweet escape

On Wednesdays I join a cool group of women for our weekly knitting group. When I first started it I have to admit, I felt a little guilty. I got plenty of the, “oh, it’s nice you have the time for that,” comments. That didn’t help the guilty feeling. But I’m getting over it.

The other comments were the, “I could never do that, I don’t have the patience, I’m not creative” ones. I don’t believe it. Everyone has some creative spark. I’m no expert knitter and may never be, but it’s about the journey and anyone can take a journey. Just gas up the car and go.

Being a writer is a solitary life and even when I’m not writing, the story or the submission of the story is first in my mind. On top of being a writer, I’m a mother and wife and, well, I’m sure you all know that’s a never ending job.

That said, I’m grateful for my group, which gives me a wonderful outlet and for two hours a week takes me out of my own angst filled creative bubble. Besides, it’s fun to sit with a cool group of women and laugh at the everyday stuff of life. We’re all different, but still very much the same in unexpected ways.

There’s not much progress to report on my socks, maybe 5 rows. No need to photograph that. But here is something I did finish this week. It’s a hat for a big sister to match the one I knit for her little sister who’s to be born in a few weeks.

So what’s your outlet? Something just for you that gives you that little something to make you smile. Feel free to share.