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    Top Thursday

    Thank Goodness for Top Chef. I so needed an escape last night.

    The fun begins with a Grand Central then quick cut the chefs waking where they live in wherever land New York.
    Stefan is in love with Jamie even though he has no chance at all with her. You are so in the wrong ball park Dude. Too funny.

    In the kitchen it’s just Padma for the quick fire and no guest judge. The Challenge is playing “Identify the ingredient” and the chefs are put in pairs to go head to head. Stefan is paired with Jamie. How did THAT happen? They are playing “Name that ingredient” ala “Name That Tune”. Cute. Carla says something about; “tasting in her mind” that I can’t wrap my head around, but it cracks me up as I envision it. So Carla. She’s hilarious. I think I get it and I love her. Hosea wins the challenge against Stefan. Good for him.

    Time for the elimination challenge the chefs pull knives labeled, old, new, borrowed and blue. Padma is throwing a bridal shower for Gail. Gail doesn’t want veal or black beans besides that it’s all good.

    Radhika is with Ariane and Jamie and Jamie tells her go with Indian food again for their borrowed theme. Poor Radhika. I hope she makes it to one day cook Italian.
    Fabio, Leah and Melissa are Blue and Fabio is bummed that there is no blue food. So they are going with and ocean theme.
    Carla, Eugene and Dan have new so they are doing sushi.
    Jeff, Hosea and Stefan are old so they are going old school. But Stefan is trying to play dictator.
    I’ve noticed this season in the kitchen there is not nearly as much drama as in past seasons. It’s a real quiet season. I wonder is the producers are happy with that. I doubt it. I’ll come right out and say it. I miss the drama of a true Marcel. At least Eugene is showing a bit of spunk.

    It’s back to the Hosea and Leah flirtation (which I suspect may be manufactured for drama or lack thereof) and it comes out that they both have attachment back home. Hmmm this should be interesting during the recap.

    Time for the shower and the longest table ever. Not very good for conversation in you ask me.
    First out is ‘something old’. Jeff, Hose and Stefan- Heirloom tomato plate.
    Next is ‘new’ Dan, Eugene and Carla’s sushi. I think it confused everyone.
    On to ‘borrowed’ with Ariane, Jamie and Radhika and the lamb is not done. It’s down to the wire. But in the end everyone is happy.

    Finally ‘blue’ with Fabio and his gang and this late show is running later. Fabio is sent out as the charmer. With all the ohhs and ahhs I think it worked at least in the beginning.
    Time for judging. Top groups Old and Borrowed and the winner is Ariane. Again and she is shocked! Jamie is not happy. Always a bridesmaid…

    In the bottom are Something new. And Dan is surprised. He says he happy with the dishes and no matter how many faces Tom makes at him or how many sound effects Bravo throws out he thinks they were de-lish! Uh oh, Danny.

    Something Blue is on the chopping block too. Fabio wanted to argue, but thinks better of it and shuts his mouth after a steely look from Tom. Those eyes can do it. Smart.
    Back in The Not So Glad room things are quite sad. It’s finally doing its job. The judges call them back.
    Team blue is safe. Smile Fabio.

    Eugene wrist slap, Carla wrist slap.
    Daniel “this taste great” is packing and going. Buh-bye Dan!

    Next week Martha!!



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    Top Thursday

    I had no clue what to talk about today. I’m still a bit off from the holiday last week and the realization that Christmas is right around the corner, but thankfully yesterday was Wednesday and TOP CHEF came on to help me out.
    The show starts… another sultry summer day in New York. Funny we were supposed to just believe it was Thanksgiving last week. Oh Top Chef. Moving on who is there but my fave chef to hate the non-dancing Rocco Disperto. The quickfire is a breakfast Amuse-bouche which is a small bite as if that’s going to hold anyone over. What a word: Amuse-ouche just rolls of the tongue huh? But for the life of me, no matter how many seasons of Top Chef I watch, I can’t see the reason for them except to act as a tease. If you like what you’re tasting you’ll want a bunch, but all you have is a bite. It’s just frustration all around. Can you imagine ordering one at a restaurant? Getting 2 of something. 15 bucks. You and your partner each take one, it’s delish and then you look down at and empty plate with longing.
    Back to the challenge. The chefs quick go shake it. There is a blow torch pulled out by Fabio and things really heat up. Before you can say boo the time is up and Rocco is ready to judge. Always.
    Leah gets persnickety over size (it matters) and the fact that hers is really one bite. She rolls her eyes at all the 2 biters. It works. Daniel and Fabio are on the bottom. Stefan and Leah and Jamie are in the top three. The winner is Leah. Way to keep it bite sized. She wins a copy of Rocco’s new book.
    For the elimination challenge the chefs must create a dish for a 2 ½ minute live TV presentation. Freak out.
    Over in Whole Foods for some reason that let a couple of chefs cut their own fish. I don’t get that one. At All.

    Back in the kitchen there’s your usual chopping and such and Alex is doing what appears to be and impossible 1 hour crème brulee and Leah is happy for immunity.

    The chefs start to demo for the judges and Jamie has egg problems.
    Alex has speaking problems and taste problems.
    Fabio charms.
    Stefan is cool.
    Melissa burns Tom. Ouch.
    Time runs out for Leah, Ariane and Carla. They are too chatty.

    Melissa, Alex and Jamie are in the bottom three.
    Jeff, Fabio and Ariane are in the top three. The chefs are told to go home and the final elimination will be tomorrow.

    Then sneaky Tom shows up in the middle of the night dressed in black and gets the top three. He tells them that the hosts to The Today Show will judge the top dishes on the show.

    Jeff is mad about serving unsophisticated palettes at 6:30 am. Well, excuse me. Sounds like he thinks he’s a Top Chef already.

    Judging are Kathy Lee and Hoda so we know it’s much later than 6:30 more like 10am, Jeff so chill.
    Ariane’s goes over well. Fabio’s is good too. But Kathy Lee is Kathy and spits out Jeff’s. Ouch.
    Ariane wins at the today show.

    Back at the Judges table and Rocco is handing out more gifts. His favorite Tools. Ok, I refuse to make the obvious joke here. You all insert you own. Have at it.
    Ariane is the winner and she gets to present live on the Today show, today! Check it out.
    The losers are marched in. Melissa is given heat for her heat. Jamie has egg in her face for the egg and Alex doesn’t get the point of the competition.

    In the not so glad room there are whispers and murmurs about who is throwing who under the bus. Then out of the blue there are some strange tickles and giggles with Leah and Hosea. Hold up there. Only tension in the Not So Glad Room. Have some respect please.
    In the end it’s Alex that packing his Knives and going home. Have a happy wedding Alex!

    Here is Ariane’s winning BEEFSTEAK TOMATO SALAD recipe

    3 beefsteak tomatoes, nice and red and ripe (substitutes: heirlooms or vine ripe)

    12 pieces seedless watermelon, cut into 3 inch sticks
    sheeps milk feta cheese (firm), cut into 10 pieces, 2 inches long
    4 T extra virgin olive oil
    1/4 cup 12 year old balsamic vinegar
    2 T herb fleur de sel


    2 cups basil
    ice bath
    1 cu olive oil


    1. Blanche in boiling water.
    2. Shock in ice bath.
    3. Put into blender.
    4. Add 1 cup olive oil and salt, and puree 1 minute.
    5. Pass through fine chinois.
    To plate tomato salad:
    1. 3 each 1/2 inch thick slices of New Jersey tomato.
    2. Top with three pieces of watermelon and 2 pieces of feta.
    3. Drizzle with olive oil, basil oil, aged balsamic.
    4. In a small (baby sized) spoon, fill with fleur de sel, place on side of plate.Garnish with sprig of basil.

    Now I have no clue what fleur de sel is I guess we have to watch The Today Show to find out.

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    Top Dog

    What’s Jack up to? That Jack is doing his own thing. Making a comfortable bed out of coats thrown about and clean laundry that he secretly pulls down to suit his needs. What will I do with you Jack?

    Today it’s yet another grey day and cold as all get out with snow lightly falling. Ahh sweet. Not. I’m so not ready for this yet. And do my twins put on decent coats for the 27 degree weather? No. Like the teens they are. It’s a little Northface for one and a Hoodie for the other and out the door. Oh well…

    The finale of America’s Next Top Model snuck up on me last night. Once again this season it was on and I didn’t even notice. How did that happen? I guess it’s because there wasn’t a girl left that I could really get behind and root for. It was a season of just eh for me. Every interesting girl was out in the first weeks.

    By the middle of the show Analeigh was a goner.

    And it was up to Samantha and McKey to walk the wacky I just don’t get it, it really doesn’t do anything for the clothes, runway. And did you see those girls stomp? They were both in need of Ms. Jay’s boot camp. Again.

    Then no big surprise the winner was the girl the bugged me all season McKey. I will give her credit though. She did have the best Cover Girl ad. Congrats.

    Now the question is will I be back for another season? I just don’t know. This show has jumped the shark.

    In better news Top chef was back back and there was a guest judge Donatella such and such with tons of restaurants I didn’t know. The quickfire was making a Top Chef hot dog. Huh? The chefs were freaking out. Asian dogs, Indian dogs, sushi dogs, Sausage dogs. Just give me a Nathans please.

    I notice once again Radhika, the Indian chef who did not want to be type cast went for Indian. Ok and boy can she serve up the dirty looks. But dirty looks and all she wins the quickfire and gets immunity.

    The elimination challenge : Create a 3 course new American lunch menu and everyone gets a section, appetizers, entrees and dessert. Chefs get crazy for a sec then split into groups after pretty boy Jeff pulls rank.

    Fabio talks a lot during this show and the more it goes on the better he speaks. Is he playing us or am I just getting used to him. Hmm I must watch carefully. Last week he needed cards just to say his dish. What’s up with that? Is he really from Italy or Hoboken?

    Moving on, Jill is in the egg isle of Whole Foods and spots ostrich eggs. Why are they there and why is she crazy enough to buy them?

    Back in the kitchen, Tom come in and announces the the restaurant that they will be cooking in is his and the diners are all all NY chefs that didn’t make the cut for the show. Ouch, nice crowd. Way do deliver good news Tom. It doesn’t matter though because it’s Tom. Richard and I don’t mind.

    At CRAFT the teams pick their locations and start prep. Jamie serves up the attitude. Do I like her? Kinda. Yeah. I think she and Eugene may be my faves but I’m not sure. Give me a few more episodes.

    Carla is worried about her crust, Fabio goes on about olives and Sweet Richard surprises me by not telling Ariane about her overly sweet dessert. Ohh playing dirty. Do I like him? Maybe?

    Tom arrives in the kitchen and it’s time for service.

    Jamie’s soup is good.

    Hosea’s crab-bad


    Fabio-Beautiful. the food. not him. That’s up for discussion.


    Jill-ostrich quiche-glue

    Eugene-open faced meatloaf- bad



    Alex-pork tenderloin-no good

    Radhika-Avocado mouse- bad

    Daniel-pound cake- good

    Ariane-lemon meringue- too sweet- Padma spits it out.

    Richard-sandwich- after school snack

    Carla- apple tart- good

    Finally Tom tries everything and the chefs sweat it out.

    Jamie, Fabio, Carla, – They were the tops. Fabio still needs to hear himself talk and decides to argue before the judges could say they liked his dish. Ugh. I can’t stand him. Of course he’s the winner and he’s tied with Stefan. These two should pull out a ruler and just get it over with.

    The bottom three were: Hosea, Jill and Ariane.

    Poor Hosea is surprised to be there. Ariane is nonchalant and Jill is just spacey.

    Jill has to pack her knives and go.



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    Back to Reality

    What’s Jack up to? I’m typing on the bed and he’s squeaking something under the bed. Shhh, Jack. Woman at work here.

    Catching up on the Hot Mess Housewives. Can you believe all that mess with NeNe and Sheree. If you ask me and I know you did. Sheree is totally playin’ Kim and her two faced self. And yeah I know NeNe shouldn’t have been singing that song but Kim should not be singing at all. What did Miss Jan say?

    How do you spell Cat? K-A-T. Oh Kim. Quick, is Africa a Continent or a Country?

    And Sheree’s fashion line. Sigh. First off, I have a huge problem with a designer that won’t pick up a pencil herself. I don’t care if you can’t sketch. Learn. The sketches don’t have to be perfect they just have to get your ideas across otherwise you’re a merchandiser not a designer. You have be able to Sketch, drape, sew or something. Preferably all of it. Once you’re big then you can farm it out. And was she seriously getting her samples the day before without any fittings? Yeah, she’s ready for the masses.

    Grrrrr… Can you tell it’s an issue with me from my fashion days? I actually wrote a whole book about it. A cute chicklit, um, sorry, young women’s fiction, romance where the girl makes good in the fashion industry. It was one of my first. I still have it if some smart editor out there wants to give it a go, give me a holla. It’s ready to roll.

    Now onto America’s Next Top Model. Finally it’s Buh Bye Majorie. No more whining.

    Buh-bye. Nuff said.

    Now for Top Chef!! It’s so good to be in New York.

    The show opens with scenes of my hometown. I’m excited but tired. Man, why can’t they put this on at 9. There are chefs arriving at Grand Central Station which I don’t get. There are no planes there only trains and none of the chefs are coming from Westchester where I am. No, the first is from Italy and the next is from San Fransisco. Next there are chefs arriving by ferry. Are they coming from Staten Island are New Jersey? I shrug.

    The chefs go onto Governor’s island and now I get the ferry. Man I am tired. Padma disappoints a few chefs by wearing jeans, but Tom does not in his purple shirt.

    There’s a quickfire elimination and a poor chef is already taken out. So sad, Lauren. No NY experience for you.

    No rest for the chefs they are quickly given their elimination challenge and draw knives for neighborhoods. The challenge is to cook a dish inspired by your neighborhood.

    The chefs cut it up in their cool new apartment not quite in the heart of things. Money is tight and the economy is BAD. But the view is awesome. Already there are pissing contests for the position of Alpha dog. My money is on Stefan with side money on quiet Gene. I don’t think Fabio is a real contender.

    Bummer for Hosea and Carla with Brighton Beach and Russian food. He doesn’t know the food and she’s waiting for her spirit guide. What?

    I’m suspecting some real characters this season.

    Back in the kitchen it’s the usual fun chaos and I’m so happy that top chef is back. Suddenly times up and the judges come in. Gail is covered up (Sorry David) and is it me or is she wobbly on her heels?

    There’s a face off and all I learn is that Richard has a crush on Tom. Big woop. Get in line, Mister.

    I’m happy to see the Not So Glad Room is back. Feels Like home.

    Spoiler Alert Ahead!!!!! Stop reading if you don’t want to know the outcome.






    The top three are: Leah, Stefan and Gene. The Winner is… Stefan.

    And The bottom two are: Patrick and Ariane. Saying Buh-bye is… Patrick. See ya kid.



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    Un-Fashionably Late

    What’s Jack up to? Don’t let the sweet face fool ya. (he may never forgive the DD for this pic) Jack has been into all sorts of mess. Snipping at everyone lately and full of big time attitude. What’s with that? Could it be the new administration. Is he expecting an appointment? And now, I think he has allergies. Do both of us need them? Ugh. I have to give him eye ointment daily. Now that’s at good time. Uh, not really.

    Just call me Ms. Late To The Party, but I’m finally reading Twilight. I’m serious this time. After many, many false starts. I don’t know what’s with me and this book. I pick it up and put it back down. I don’t know why. I think I’m afraid I’ll be as into it as everyone else is and get sucked into another obsession. You know how I get. But check out what Katiebabs said over at her blog. I’m in in the company of the future Pres. So cool!

    But really I need to see what the fuss is all about and get with the program. Wish me luck. I hope to come out sane on the other side.

    Speaking of obsessions… I just finished another Elizabeth Hoyt. Yeah, I’ve got a problem. Admitting it is half the battle. This one was To Taste Temptation. The tension was high and it took a while for it to get really sexy, but when it did. Oh it did and well. I already know I’m fighting a losing battle with myself not to dash off to the bookstore for a least five minutes and get the next book in the series: To Seduce a Sinner. That darn Elizabeth’s gone a set it up so well too with two character that I’m dying to see get together. Sigh. I’m in big trouble here.


    P.S. Don’t forget TOP CHEF tonight.

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    Tippy Top

    What’s Jack up to? Oh Jack. When will you stop hopping all over everyone that comes to our door? Soon we won’t have any friends at all if you don’t simmer down now.

    I’m having a hard time coming down from my post election high. I doubt I will anytime soon or even want to thank you very much. I also have no idea how I’ll ween myself off of msnbc. I’m totally stuck on Rachel Maddow now and I don’t think I’ll be giving her up or all my political talk because something awfully funny happened on the way down the road from Wasilla and who knows what will happen on the road back. I’m just saying.

    Thank goodness I’ve got Top Chef Coming up next week. Order shall be restored to the land!

    It was strange, I was almost surprised to be back to America’s Next Top Model and whining Marjorie. Hmm.. but alas I’m back. Welcome home, me. For the life of me I could not figure out who got booted last week since I missed the show. These girls are just not that memorable this season. I thought long and hard and it dawned on me… Sheena! Bummer. The last model I may have had an interest in.

    Oh well, that said after grueling go sees and a tough photo shoot with Ms. T herself, ousted this week … spoiler ALERT… as if the pic didn’t tell you was… Elina. Buh-bye 18 year old control freak. Man, I was as surprised as Tyra at that little revelation. Let your hair down girl. Life is way too short.

    Now onto Top Design. Spoiler Alert…

    Congrats to Nathan the surprise winner of Top Design. I would have thought that Preston had it hands down. But I’m happy it was Nathan and the judges picked a designer that steps out of the box.

    I need some serious sleep.



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    Blogging Top Chef- 1 mo’ time!

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack is as stinky as he can be so I guess he’ll be getting wet today when I dunk his dirty butt in a bath. Oh the fun. Not!

    So here I am blogging Top Chef one more time. It’s The Reunion show
    Whoo Hoo! Here it is as I’m thinking it.

    Gail’s covered. Tom’s in a vest- I likie. Padma’s looking like Padma and Ted’s there. Yay!
    No Richard because it was taped when his wife was giving birth. Aww.

    Loving Dale’s body language. He is so not into being there and the show is just beginning.

    Stephanie is using the money to open another restaurant in Chicago. She will be a powerhouse.
    The talk of Mark and Spike’s Bromance was just icky. And Dale and Richard? Andrew and Spike? That Spike just gets around. And Can I say how I can’t stand the word Bromance. Like I hate the term Baby bump. But I love Andrew. He’s just crazy.

    Marks of the market. He got married to an American. Hmm.

    Oh Snap! Internet rumor blow up. Zoi and Jen totally broke up, but don’t want t admit it on TV. I guess couples will think twice before signing up to compete on TC the next time. Must find out what happened. I suspect someone cheated and Zoi is was too defensive.

    Who will win fan favorite and why are they suggesting Spike? Pla-ease. Spare me.

    Love the idea of The Stew Room and what the judges do during that time. So funny.

    Dale talk. Yes! Tom disagreed with the decision. Dale was a big man though. I still heart him.
    Lisa’s scowl. Yech! Ha, Lisa got dirty looks at a lesbian party. Too funny. I love that.

    Best of Andrew. ADD. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Great! You know he could win fan favorite and I wouldn’t be surprised. And Andrew’s “Culinary Boner” line won the t-shirt contest this year.

    Top fights:
    4. Dale vs. Andrew
    3. Lisa vs. Dale
    2. Lisa vs. Andrew
    1. Spike vs. Antonia vs .Jen vs. Dale vs. Lisa .What?
    Good Times!

    Hey it’s Richard via satellite with a sort-a-hawk? You can tell he was up all night. He’s opening another restaurant. See I knew he was going to be fine.

    Now for fan favorite…. And it’s… wait Tom just dissed Lisa and said it won’t be her. I can’t stop laughing. Ha. That is too mean. I want to see the mush face again. David Dust are you out there?

    Ok now to fan favorite. It’s… Stephanie!! All around a great year for the super woman.


    PS: Scroll down for a fun book review video. We should all be so lucky.

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    Ding Dong .. and She’s the Tops

    What’s Jack up to? He’s extra playful this morning and he’s following behind me with his new favorite stuffed toy so that I’ll play fetch. Jack, love. There’s work to do.

    First off, thanks for all the well wishes for my birthday yesterday. You all were so sweet!
    I’m on a chocolate high today. My head is spinning. and I’m so tired from watching the late version of Top Chef. But here goes. The final re-cap. It won’t be a goody because honestly I was watching though half-closed eyes.
    The show opens with our lovely final 2 plus 1 that we just can’t understand, but there must be something to her because as Tom says it’s in the taste of the food. That’s what I have to tell myself so I don’t hate the show.

    There was no quickfire just straight to the real deal and it was a real doozy. The chefs got to be paired with real top chefs Eric Ripert, Dan Barber and April Bloomfield. They have to make a 4 course meal including dessert, which scares them all to death.

    Richard and Stephanie were tied for most wins and had to draw knives to see who would chose first. Stephanie won and picked Chef Eric. Richard picked Chef Dan and Lisa Got April. She was thrilled. Girl power!
    Richard is exited to pull out the Liquid Nitro and start to demo for the Top Chefs. I’m worried something is going to blow up in there. But Richard is happy as a pig is slop. The Chefs are happy that Richard is happy.
    The next day the finalist were surprised to be left on their own with no help. Richard is wild, Stephanie is nervous and Lisa is calm. She’s all like “It’s all good.”
    At this Richard makes a face like he wants to smack her into reality.
    Stephanie says “she hates her cake, yo.” I think she’s channeling, Dale.
    Suddenly it’s plate time and the judges are all dressed up and going into a beautiful dining room to be served.
    On to dinner, The finalist come out and say a few words. Blah, Blah, Blah.
    1st course. Lisa got a question mark from the judges. Stephanie was elegant and Richard was s0-so.
    2nd course Lisa’s soup was a love. Gulp. Stephanie fell flat. Richard was a like.
    3rd Lisa was pedestrian. Never good. Stephanie’s lamb was a love and Richard’s Pork had no seasoning.
    Dessert- They loved Lisa’s rise pudding, Liked Stephanie’s cake and Liked Richard’s Ice cream.
    With the commentary after ,they made it all vague so you couldn’t tell who would win. It had better not be Lisa.
    Chefs go to the not so Glad room where this is lots of Evian today. Hmm?
    They all look thoughtful. Not a lot of action there.
    The chefs are called in and questioned. Then they’re ask if they have any last words. There’s a long awkward pause and Stephanie speak up saying she second guessed herself on the dessert but she wants to be the Top Chef.
    Lisa says she should be be it or something like that. Ha.
    Richard says he thinks he choked, which shocks the judges. Quick cut to Tom for expression. He serves it well.
    There is judge talk. Blah, Blah, Blah. I like’ Tom’s scruffy look.
    The chef’s are called back in and the verdict.
    Padma please.
    The Top Chef is….. Stephanie!!!
    Ding Dong the witch is dead and the right woman won! It’s been a roller coaster season. This was a fun was to experience it.
    Can’t wait to see the reunion show next week.
    Oh and check out the A-List awards tonight on Bravo, which I went to last week!
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    A-List Night and What-evs

    What’s Jack up to? He’s up and perky and once again I’m oh so tired. Must start getting some sleep. Well not today right, Jack? There’s writing to do today.

    So, let’s get to why I’m so tired. Well, I didn’t get to watch Top Chef until the The wee hours of the night because I was out late. Where was I you ask? What, you don’t ask? How dare you! I’m telling you anyway. I was at the Bravo A-list Awards!!

    See, I got this email a while back that said: click here to win tickets to the A-list Awards and thought, okay. And crazy enough I won! Once I won I panicked. How could I go out on a Wednesday night? No way! I’ve got kids and way too many things to do. But I so wanted to go. They were being hosted my my fave, Kathy Griffin. I had to find a way.

    The lovely DH agreed to get home early and do kid run around duty. A was going to go with my Bravo fan and super fun attorney friend, W, but at the last minute she got stuck in court, doing good and saving the world. UGH! The nerve! It was down to the wire. I called another friend, neighbor and blogger, Wish List Mom, who had to pull herself and her kids together in no time flat in order to go with me.

    I drove from Westchester to midtown Manhattan in about 1/2 an hour (I think I’m ready for the Indy 500 now). All in time to hurry up and wait to get inside. Since we were late we were the last to get inside the venue. I was standing for well over an hour on 20 minute shoes. Ouch!

    While one line we made friends of course. Here are two of them, Patrick and Aarash who were so much fun to hang and wait with. Don’t you love Aarash’s hat and Patrick’s untied bowtie?

    While we were waiting there were 2 things going on, the A list awards and church service of The Journey Church which I had never heard of. Well, did they have a crowd! The longest line for church that I had ever seen. And who did I spy in that line? America’s Next Top Model cycle 6 Winner Danielle Evans. She was cute and casual in jeans and and burgundy top. I still Love Dani!

    While we were on line we didn’t have a view of the covered red carpet and could only hear the cheers but I did see Simon from the Real Housewives of NYC. Ugh! But it was still fun to see him and sneer.

    Finally we hobbled in on aching feet. The show was just starting Kathy was onstage singing and being Kathy in all her glory. We got seats upstairs and once we were settled we were happy.

    Kathy did not disappoint. She was hilarious! Dissing all who dared cross her and cracking as up in the process. Telling us secrets to her Mona’s Basement dress and talking about her peekaboo bra. Be sure to tune in for her duet with Lance Bass. Too funny!

    Who did we see? I can’t tell the full list, but all the faves were all there such as:
    Tim Ginn, Christain, Tom C., Padma All the Top Chef Faves (although I didn’t see Tre), Margret Cho, Lauren Hutton, Molly Simms, Obama Girl, all the Housewives of NYC and California and the Supermodels. It was a fun time.

    Bonus: For the Sex and the City ladies, remeber Dante from the movie? He was there!

    Then it was back home and I could not go to sleep so I open my email and see that something not to good has happened on TOP CHEF. I had to watch. Here goes a quickie recap….
    The show opens at the the airport and the are 3 faves and 1 villain with freshly washed and cut hair and I think plucked brows, but I’m not sure. The faves are all shocked by this.

    We see that Padma is the only person that looks camera ready after the break. She knows where her bread is buttered everyone else has been living in the kitchen.

    Quickfire challenge. Faves run to the table and villain runs to the pantry. Okay villain. Cagey.

    Bottom two are: Antonia and Richard
    Top two are:Stephanie and Villain, I mean, Lisa

    The Winner is Stephanie!! Yay.

    There is a party, but Richard is not ready to party he is all about winning. I hear that. The game is always on Richard.

    Now the Elimination Challenge. Dang! That is a lot of pig.

    It’s all pig all the time. A whole pig for each of them to cut up and make 3 dishes with.

    And they get help from, Dale, Nikki, Spike and Andrew. All BFF’s of Lisa’s.

    The trick is Stephanie as the winner of the quickfire gets to choose who gets who.

    She takes Dale. Richard gets Spike. Antonia gets Nikki and Lisa gets… Andrew. That’s right the same Andrew that she ratted out. What does sweet Andrew say? That he’ll do what he can to help her win. But watch out, his eyes say she’d better not drink from an already opened bottle given by him if you know what I mean.

    The sioux chefs go shopping as the chefs hang back to butcher the pigs ugh. Then it was manic prep time and Lisa’s true colors start to show.

    In the craziness of the tight kitchen horror struck and Dale forgot to put one of Stephanie pans of pork in the fridge overnight. It’s ruined. Now I’m really worried. What if Stephanie has to go home. Mel-O-Drama why are you making me watch this!!!

    Now Stephanie has to come up with another dish on the fly.
    Dale and Stephanie pull together and come up with something. I won’t recap the dishes here. Let’s just say they all make a lot of pork. A LOT OF PORK!!!

    Turns out even with coming up with an on the fly dish Stephanie is in the top 2 along with Richard. Yay!

    The Winner is Richard. Good for him. He won a new car. His wife will be so happy. It will come in handy with the new baby girl!

    Now for the bottom 2. Antonia and Lisa. The Not so Glad Room has been moved to sunny Puerto Rico to be just as sad. Lisa assumes she’s going home and Antonia is crying because she doesn’t want to go home. I’ve already got a bad feeling.

    Just put me out of my misery. Judges please. Out this week is… Antonia.

    Lisa rides another week. I’m numb to it all. But it doesn’t stop there. Richard and Stephanie are horrified to see their friend and who they feel is the better person go and Lisa gives them crap for not congratulating her! The nerve. How much did I love Stephanie’s dead pan expression? “well, congratulations,” she said with no emotion. Perfect.

    Till next week and the finale. Who knows she may win it all. I won’t be surprised.



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    Top Tom and Clay Pot

    What’s Jack up to? He’s acting all happy and dancing around like he’s singing Thank God It’s Friday as if his job is so hard. What’s up with that?

    This is why I heart Tom Colicchio. Check this out from his blog on bravo:

    “And before I wrap up for this week, I have to comment on last week’s episode because it’s clear Dale’s dismissal has been a real bone of contention with viewers. Interestingly, after watching an episode purely as an audience member — in other words without the benefit of having been there –- it’s finally sunk in why our viewers get as riled as they do when the judges’ decision doesn’t jive with what they’ve seen
    I wasn’t at the Judge’s table last week. I saw the same version of the show as everyone else. And based on what I saw, I expected Lisa to go home. She made two dishes that didn’t work, and Dale made one. Dale was also credited with executing the short ribs (albeit from Spike’s recipe) that were the team’s sole saving grace. The judges said they let Dale go because his scallops were the worst dish of the night, and while I know there was plenty that was discussed among them that didn’t make it into the episode, and while I certainly didn’t taste the food, (which is my typical snarky response when someone gripes about my judgment — “Look, buddy, YOU didn’t taste the food,”) from what I could see it was a pure numbers game. Lisa’s two lousy dishes against Dale’s one. End of story. “


    See. If he was around I bet Dale would still be there.

    In other madness… Check this out from TMZ. Feel free to discuss.

    Posted May 29th 2008 4:00PM by TMZ Staff
    TMZ has learned Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy. In case you didn’t process that, Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy.Here’s what we know. Multiple sources tell us the mother is Jaymes Foster, a record producer and Clay’s best friend. He lives at her home when he’s in L.A.We’re told 50-year-old Foster, who produced several Aiken CDs, is due in August. She’s the sister of record mogul David Foster. She divorced a few years back and has no kids. Aiken is 29.We’re told Foster was artificially inseminated. But Clay is a lot more than sperm — we’re told he will have an active role in raising the child.No immediate word from Aiken’s rep.