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Ding Dong .. and She’s the Tops

What’s Jack up to? He’s extra playful this morning and he’s following behind me with his new favorite stuffed toy so that I’ll play fetch. Jack, love. There’s work to do.

First off, thanks for all the well wishes for my birthday yesterday. You all were so sweet!
I’m on a chocolate high today. My head is spinning. and I’m so tired from watching the late version of Top Chef. But here goes. The final re-cap. It won’t be a goody because honestly I was watching though half-closed eyes.
The show opens with our lovely final 2 plus 1 that we just can’t understand, but there must be something to her because as Tom says it’s in the taste of the food. That’s what I have to tell myself so I don’t hate the show.

There was no quickfire just straight to the real deal and it was a real doozy. The chefs got to be paired with real top chefs Eric Ripert, Dan Barber and April Bloomfield. They have to make a 4 course meal including dessert, which scares them all to death.

Richard and Stephanie were tied for most wins and had to draw knives to see who would chose first. Stephanie won and picked Chef Eric. Richard picked Chef Dan and Lisa Got April. She was thrilled. Girl power!
Richard is exited to pull out the Liquid Nitro and start to demo for the Top Chefs. I’m worried something is going to blow up in there. But Richard is happy as a pig is slop. The Chefs are happy that Richard is happy.
The next day the finalist were surprised to be left on their own with no help. Richard is wild, Stephanie is nervous and Lisa is calm. She’s all like “It’s all good.”
At this Richard makes a face like he wants to smack her into reality.
Stephanie says “she hates her cake, yo.” I think she’s channeling, Dale.
Suddenly it’s plate time and the judges are all dressed up and going into a beautiful dining room to be served.
On to dinner, The finalist come out and say a few words. Blah, Blah, Blah.
1st course. Lisa got a question mark from the judges. Stephanie was elegant and Richard was s0-so.
2nd course Lisa’s soup was a love. Gulp. Stephanie fell flat. Richard was a like.
3rd Lisa was pedestrian. Never good. Stephanie’s lamb was a love and Richard’s Pork had no seasoning.
Dessert- They loved Lisa’s rise pudding, Liked Stephanie’s cake and Liked Richard’s Ice cream.
With the commentary after ,they made it all vague so you couldn’t tell who would win. It had better not be Lisa.
Chefs go to the not so Glad room where this is lots of Evian today. Hmm?
They all look thoughtful. Not a lot of action there.
The chefs are called in and questioned. Then they’re ask if they have any last words. There’s a long awkward pause and Stephanie speak up saying she second guessed herself on the dessert but she wants to be the Top Chef.
Lisa says she should be be it or something like that. Ha.
Richard says he thinks he choked, which shocks the judges. Quick cut to Tom for expression. He serves it well.
There is judge talk. Blah, Blah, Blah. I like’ Tom’s scruffy look.
The chef’s are called back in and the verdict.
Padma please.
The Top Chef is….. Stephanie!!!
Ding Dong the witch is dead and the right woman won! It’s been a roller coaster season. This was a fun was to experience it.
Can’t wait to see the reunion show next week.
Oh and check out the A-List awards tonight on Bravo, which I went to last week!