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    Heart of Glass

    Growing up I had a small lavender room that was really the dining alcove converted into my bedroom. It was tiny, but I was thrilled to have it and be on my own and out of the room away from my little brothers. I had a fabulous view of the George Washington Bridge and the Hudson River that I now know I didn’t appreciate enough.
    On the wall facing me was life sized poster of Prince (Le sigh) and on the wall behind me was another life sized poster of Debbie Harry.

    I also had a cassette player and radio and a pair of headphones that was my lifeline next to my cool circular phone. Music is during these formative years I think just about as important as the books we read. It somehow creeps into our soul and makes us a bit of who we’ll later become. What ideas and ideals we’ll have about life, love, romance, sex is echoed in the music we love. And now that I write that I have to say it does matter what our kids listen too or at least how they process it.

    All art that’s put out for human consumption whether through the eyes, ears or mouth matters when it touches the soul. Once it does that it makes a change.

    I wonder now how much the playing and replaying of Parallel Lines had on my later relationships.
    How much the playing of what my kids are listening to now will have on them later?

    And we won’t even go there with Dirty Mind. Oh Prince. Thanks so much!


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    It was some year. My year. Full of change, turmoil and, well, me. I’m going continue with the music this week and bring some more music from 1969. Enjoy.

    Now I know this special was filmed in 1971 but Aquarius and Wedding Bell Blues (marry me Bill dedicated to me sweetie!) was from 1969 and these rocking outfits and the white books alone are worth the watch!

    And please let’s say Happy Birthday to my almost birthday mate Wendy today!


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    Little Girl Blue

    What’s Jack up to? Cuteness!

    In keeping with the Ugh 40th birthday week theme this was filmed the year I was born, 1969. A talent gone way too soon. Janis Joplin. Little Girl Blue.

    What are you counting today? Blessings I hope.


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    Moody Monday Music

    Happy Monday! This this is the last Monday of my 39th year. On Thursday I’ll be 40. Oh joy. Not.

    Now I know plenty of you sweethearts out there will say all sorts of sweetheart things and I’ll love you for it as I grimace on the inside and try and hold down all the swirling discontent in my stomach. Thoughts of times gone by, dreams not yet met, bodies changing (or not), what will be and what never will.

    Oh, I know I’m being I big ‘ol hot mess and I’m sure I’ll handle 50 a lot better than I’m handling 40. But I think this week the blog will be full of music (much better than my words) and on Thursday I hope some laughs. Today’s song speaks better for me than I can.


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    80’s Crazy

    It’s 80’s Crazy with some friends from the neighborhood tonight and I was looking for a little fashion inspiration. Thought I’d share the fun with you all. I still have no idea what I’m gonna wear tonight though. Sigh.


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    Oh to be Young Again-80’s Babies

    What Jack up to? Jack is looking forward to a sunny and warm weekend in NY. Yes! Long walks, rolling in the grass and barking at the neighbors. Happy Jack!

    And Happy Friday! Congrats on making it through the week. Whew, made it. With this nutty week it was feeling a little touch and go there for a while.

    I’m leaving you all this week with one of my favorite 80’s songs. Who Do You Love by Bernard Wright.

    For the longest time I had forgotten about this old classic and then it suddenly one day jumped back into my head along with the video image of Bernard and the pretty girl spinning round and round. I remember this was in the opening scene of the groundbreaking Video Music Box. Does anybody else out there remember that show with DJ Ralph McDaniels? I’m talking to you N and C, R and M!

    Well, I couldn’t remember the actual song title or artist and I was obsessed to find out so I got on the phone and called Tower records in The Village and actually sang the song to a couple of workers until I got another 80’s baby on the phone that knew in the first three badly sung words that it was Bernard Wright and I could happily get some sleep. True story.


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    Moody Music

    Hi All. Thursday already? How did that happen? Not too many words today. There’s nothing too exciting going on lately (Costco, doctor, teen shoe shopping, KFC) so I thought I’d better save any stray word that happens to flutter by for my current WIP and not bore you. The Mood still lingers but no biggie. I’m sure with warmer weather will come a warmer mood. See there is some of nice old optimism for ya. Grin.

    Just to keep the moody theme going I thought I’d share one of my favorite songs for a blue mood. Aretha Franklin singing Drinking Again. Makes you just want to sit at a table with a bottle and a smoke, no matter if you’re dry as a bone and never lit up in your life! Enjoy.

    Have a great day. Make it sunny no matter the weather. I’m sure gonna try.