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Moody Music

Hi All. Thursday already? How did that happen? Not too many words today. There’s nothing too exciting going on lately (Costco, doctor, teen shoe shopping, KFC) so I thought I’d better save any stray word that happens to flutter by for my current WIP and not bore you. The Mood still lingers but no biggie. I’m sure with warmer weather will come a warmer mood. See there is some of nice old optimism for ya. Grin.

Just to keep the moody theme going I thought I’d share one of my favorite songs for a blue mood. Aretha Franklin singing Drinking Again. Makes you just want to sit at a table with a bottle and a smoke, no matter if you’re dry as a bone and never lit up in your life! Enjoy.

Have a great day. Make it sunny no matter the weather. I’m sure gonna try.