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    Going Gaga for Fashion

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been sneaky lately with getting into the trash on the DL and stealing my laundry, annoying things like that to let me know Jack’s in the house and be on the lookout.

    Ms. That’s Not My Age (you can check out her cool blog here) asked me to talk about Lady Gaga’s costumes a bit and I’m more than happy to. Her costumes were super fab. As you can imagine they were over the top and in pure Gaga style. Some swallowed her tiny body whole others barely covered her up and I’m speaking about a fiery red bikini that she danced like mad around on the stage in. A particular fave of mine was a gold number that took me back to a movie a loved Flash Gordon, but once again I’m dating myself. I really need to stop doing that.

    All the wild fashions were not on the stage either. I wish I had taken pics of the crowd. There was a guy with a jacket made of lights that I was so glad I wasn’t seated behind. Also quite a few women my age (and size) in unitards (not pretty at all) and the coolest and coldest duo were two guys in loincloths and boots and that was it all except the blue body paint ala Avatar. Very fun.

    most photos thanks to Socilaite Life
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    Playing My Position

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s doing just fine. Getting into bits of trouble here and there but that’s just Jack so what’s more to say? Happy Monday!

    I made it through the Gaga weekend. Though by DD and her friends did lots of fretting over what they were going to wear I decided to play my position and go as, well, me The 40 Year Old Mother in jeans, an olive draped sweater, and my comfy Uggs. Yes, I said it Uggs. Ga-Ga indeed. But my feet didn’t hurt. Lordy I am getting old.

    But, I’ve had my days of dress-up and fun way back in the day. Saturday night I was just there to fade in the background and keep and eye on things, make sure the girls weren’t snatched up or anything.

    Of course I enjoyed the show while I was trying to fade. I did my share of head bobbing and danced a bit when I could sneaked it in without a dirty look sent my way. I particularly liked the opening act, a glam rock band called Semi Precious Weapons that my DD told me I was too old to like as much as I did. Sigh. Whatever. (insert eye roll here)

    Here was my tweet on the subject. I was having fun but am afraid the girls were corrupted:

    Lead singer just stripped and changed on stage I’m afraid girls are changed forever same as me with Prince the first time. from web

    Lady Gaga put in a great show. I have to say I liked her before but really like her even more now. She has so much talent and energy and knows how to use it to her advantage. Am I a little monster? Maybe.

    All in all a good time, though I could have done without the drinks being thrown down from me from overhead. I’m wayyyy to old for that crap.

    Here is a little Semi Precious Weapons for you if you can deal. ***Warning explicit lyrics.*** Not for the faint of heart. Have fun.


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    A Little Blues

    I had a great time at Lady Jane’s last night. It was my first “night out” since my surgery so it was tiring but well worth it to hear my lovely and talented friend Liz Maverick read.

    Along with the super Kathryn Smith. So much fun.

    One of my favorite CD’s to listen to over and over is Aretha Sings the Blues.
    Here’s a little Tuesday blues to brighten you day.

    Oh and I’d like to welcome my lovely and oh so sweet Sister In Law, Audrey aka The Chaser to the blog world. Stop on over and see this phenomenal woman of god over here and give her a surprise hello. Don’t forget to tell her I sent ya. Thanks!


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    Red Lipstick and a Pink Phone

    Thanks so much for all your well wishes on my Good News post. You all are so wonderful. Big props to you!

    I’m feeling all 80’s baby today. Young and fresh. And in the 80’s Duran Duran was at the top of my hit list. How much did I want to be a girl in any one of these videos? All red lipstick, pink phones and confidence.

    I hope this last week of 2009 is going well for you. Rock it out!


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    All I Want…

    It’s the day before Christmas and I hope you’re all ready and settled. Thanks for all your song comments from my song post. They were so much fun. I’m sharing my favorite Christmas song with you today. Have a wonderful Holiday. I hope it’s merry and bright and full of joy.

    Much Love,

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    Right as Rain

    The PIC sent me the Adele album as a gift now such a long time ago and I still listen to it so often and lately I’ve been singing this song to myself all the time. Thought I’d share it with you today. I hope your weekend is Right as Rain.


    P.S. There is still time to enter my holiday giveaway here until Sunday at midnight. Don’t miss out.

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    The One Thing

    I guess I’m feeling very 80’s today since for some reason and I’ve got this song running through my head. So of course I thought I’d share it with all of you.

    So share with me. What’s The One Thing that you’ve got running through your mind today? Enquiring minds want to know…


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    Just Dance

    So the opposite of all the blood, drama and Eskimos? of the MTV VMA awards…

    On this Friday let’s Just Dance with P.S. 22’s class to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance.
    Thanks for the video, Wendy!

    Have a wonderful weekend.