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    Ladies Night

    So this past Monday I had the honor of making my 2nd appearance at ever popular Lady Jane’s Salon. I was slated to appear with fellow novelists: Katana Collins, Sofia Tate and Alice Clayton. It was quite a line up and to say I was nervous was putting it mildly. Lady Jane founder, Hope Tarr invited me to read my contributed essay from Scribbling Women & The Real Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them. It was a packed house which included my DH front and center there to hear all my mushy words about him. Thankfully, I made it through and didn’t embarrass myself or my DH too much with my tale of spooning called Resting Easy and a wonderful time was had by all.

    scribbling women

    You can pic up your copy of Scribbling Women here and, bonus, all profits go to charity.

    Lady Janes 8-4


    here is a pic of all of us playing celebs and posing for the paps.

    L-R Alice Clayton, Katana Collins, Sofia Tate & Me!

    All the best,



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    Scribbling away…

    Happy New Week and the summer flutters along, seeming to flitter away just out of my grasp, it’s going by so quickly. I hope it’s going a little slower and a bit more leisurely for you. This past weekend though I did get to enjoy a fun summer night heading to the Bronx to cheer on the Yankees and see The Captain #2 Derek Jeter in his final season. The family and I had a great time and the Yankees won too. It was fantastic all around!

    yankees 7-14

    Next week I have some more excitement coming up (and a bit of terror too if you know me). On Monday night August 4th I’m honored to have been invited to read at the fabulous Lady Jane’s Salon once again.

    Lady Jane's Header

    This time I’ll be reading my essay from Scribbling Women, the for Charity Anthology edited by Lady Jane founder Hope Tarr which I’m so proud to be a contributor to. If you are in New York please stop by. My essay is sure to embarrass my dear DH as it’s all about how we sleep together after 25 years. The poor man being married to a romance writer. LOL

    But don’t just come to hear me, even better come to hear the other fantastic authors reading. There will be: Katana Collins, Alice Clayton and Sofia Tate making her Lady Jane’s debut! Yay!

    scribbling women


    All the best,



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    On Stage- Me at Lady Jane’s!

    Those who have followed me for a while on ye old blog know what a fan I am of Lady Jane’s Salon, the monthly romance reading series held here in New York and now branched out in satellites all over the US. Well, since its inception Lady Jane’s quickly became my monthly getaway where I got to meet up with friends who were also lovers of the romance genre and hear some of my favorite authors whom I have long admired read from their newest works.

    Well last night, and I still can’t get over it, it was my turn. Nervous doesn’t begin to express my feelings as I hit the Lady Jane’s stage since I’d been nervous for weeks and months leading up to the event. But looking out it was a pack house full of so many supportive friends, including my dear DH (we were enjoying our 24th anniversary last night too) and I went for it.


    And I survived. I even got a few laughs. My 8 minutes were up before I knew it. I said a few words, read from THROUGH THE LENS and was back by my dear’s side in no time. Finishing my drink. Whew! (here we are below with Ron Hogan who announced our anniversary).


    I can’t say thank you enough to all those snubbed their noses at Mother Nature and packed the house out ( and it was packed) and came to see Sara Jane Stone, Leslie Caroll, Jes Young and little old me! Thank you so much and thank you once again to Hope, Ron, Leanna and Maya for all the support and the continuous support of the romance genre.



    All the best,


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    3rd Time’s a Charm

    In what seems almost unbelievable to me, yesterday afternoon I typed THE END, yet again, and then took the big, scary leap into the abyss and pressed send as I sent BOOK 3, my final book in my Creative Heart’s series (tentatively set for a January release), off to my editor at Crimson. In true Kwana form, as soon as I pressed send, I immediately wanted to find that magic button that said RETRACT, but guess what? There is none (why oh why doesn’t the internet have a 5 second rule? Imagine how many reckless mistakes could be avoided with just this one little button. How many eyeballs could be spared the runaway hot dogs). Oh well, it’s GONE now. And all I can do now is sit back and stew as I await the verdict on it. In the meantime I already have new ideas percolating so I guess the keyboard won’t have long to cool off as new characters are already whispering. No rest for the creative weary.

    story 2

    And in a huge bit of coolness check out what I got to hold in my hot little hands…yes, the print version of Book 2, SEDUCTION’S CANVAS! Please excuse me while I drool for awhile and turn into Smeagol from The Lord of The Rings and just stroke and put “My precious” on repeat. Talk about gorgeous. I have to say I’m loving it (and Jack is too) . What a fantastic job on this book and cover. And eek! I’ll be signing some of this and THROUGH THE LENS at Lady Jane’s Salon at my 1st reading on Monday October 7th. What a time to be had!  Check out the details here.




    Have a great day!


    All the best,



    image fm we heart it

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    Darkly Luminous

    Hi Folks. I’m moving slow today when I need to be typing at lightning speed on my edits. Oh well. Blame the lovely lady below. Leanna Renee Heiber. Doesn’t she look fabulous?


    She was all done up for her reading last night at Lady Jane’s Salon and celebrating the release of her second book: The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker


    It’s the sequel to her first book: The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

    Leanna gets the best titles. These books are just wonderful. Her talent amazes me. Visit Leanna at her site here: http://www.leannareneehieber.com/


    Also at the reading was chapter mate Christina Britton Conroy reading from her book One Man’s Music. She was so animated that you felt you were back in the 60s

    Also award winning author Jerri Smith-Ready read from her YA Shade. Which is a tale of a girl who can see and talk to ghosts and is suddenly happy for this gift after her boyfriend dies? Cool concept huh?


    Please visit the Lady Jane’s Site here. If you are NYC the first Monday of the month it’s not to be missed.






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    A Little Blues

    I had a great time at Lady Jane’s last night. It was my first “night out” since my surgery so it was tiring but well worth it to hear my lovely and talented friend Liz Maverick read.

    Along with the super Kathryn Smith. So much fun.

    One of my favorite CD’s to listen to over and over is Aretha Sings the Blues.
    Here’s a little Tuesday blues to brighten you day.

    Oh and I’d like to welcome my lovely and oh so sweet Sister In Law, Audrey aka The Chaser to the blog world. Stop on over and see this phenomenal woman of god over here and give her a surprise hello. Don’t forget to tell her I sent ya. Thanks!


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    Holiday Romance at Lady Jane’s

    It was another wonderful night for romance at Lady Jane’s Salon last night. As usual I was happy to get out share some romance book talk with friends over drinks and Madam X is the perfect place to do that.

    The holiday celebration was combined with a celebration of Harlequin’s 60th anniversary so Lady Jane was happy to welcome lots of folks from both Harlequin’s New York and Toronto office. Here they are here accepting a champagne toast on their anniversary. Cheers!

    We were fortunate to have a reading from the wonderful Stacy Agdern. Stacy is a Romance fiction reviewer, bookseller, and an author. She read from her lovely Hanukkah novella.

    Then the fabulous Hope Tarr read from her newest release Twelve Nights. A December Harlequin Blaze release which is the sequel to her wonderful book Bound to Please.

    All in all it was a wonderful night. I’m so grateful to the founders of Lady Jane’s: Hope, Maya, Leanna and Ron for always putting together such a wonderful and worthwhile evening.

    Check out Lady Jane’s site here. And if you’re in NY come on by.

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    Smart Women Reading

    What’s Jack up to? The Jackster is chilling still recuperating after a busy Halloween weekend. Spending much of his time under the bed or lazing about in the couch. For Halloween he just about barked himself out with the ringing doorbell. My favorite was him trying to push through the glass door and my little neighbor girl dressed as a very annoyed nun holding it shut with one hand and looking at him with reproach and he bounced up and down just tuckering his self out.
    Last night I did my monthly escape to Lady Jane’s Salon. New York’s only romance reading series and once again had a fine time.
    This month the featured guests were:
    New York Times and USA today Bestselling Author Caridad Pineiro.

    Caridad read from her newest book Sins of the Flesh. A sexy paranormal suspense novel that at times can hit a little to close to home. You can check out Caridad here.

    Also reading was Joanne Rendell who did a mock play of sorts with excerpts from her book Crossing Washington Square with the help of a hilariously funny cast of helpers.
    It’s the story of two strong willed university professors and the tensions between them. Check out Joanne, her musings and her first release here.

    Lastly, helping to MC the night was Elizabeth Kerri Mahon of the Scandalous Women blog who was celebrating her birthday while dressed as Marie Antoinette who shares the same birthday! Happy Birthday again Elizabeth. You looked wonderful. You can check out Elizabeth’s scandalous blog here.

    Please remember to vote today. Thanks.

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    She’s a Lady

    Ok it’s official I’m pooped. After Book Expo, dinners out, the subway, walks around the city and The Strand (18 miles of books, yo) I then went to Lady Jane’s Salon last night. How could I resist?

    The first readers were Diane Gaston and Amanda McCabe (my weekend hang out buddies) reading from The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor anthology. They were both charming and funny. Totally entertaining the packed house.
    Also reading were New York Times Best Selling author of over 70, yes, I said 70 books Wendy Corsi Staub. It’s always fun to chat with Wendy. She had the room on the edge of their seats.

    The evening finished with New York Times Bestseller paranormal author Marjorie M Liu. It was Marjorie’s first reading and she was fabulous! What a voice and what a talent.

    It was great seeing all of you at Lady Jane’s last night. If you didn’t make it the next one is July 6th. Please come on out and support romance and have a fun night.

    Wish I could now sleep the day away but duty calls. Gotta get to work and the real world. There’s a house that has been neglected and then I have some writing to do. That’s what I do right?

    Wendy, Marjorie, Diane and Amanda
    (sorry about my bad crackberry lighting Amanda)

    Oh, before I go please check out Barbara Vey’s PW Blog today. Barbara did one of her Drive By Videos and I’m so scared I’ll be on it. It was fun seeing you again Barbara!

    Also check out Romance Novel TV Maria and Marisa were in the house covering Lady Jane’s. Two wonderful and friendly ladies.

    These cool industry blogs will give you much better coverage than mine.

    Hope you have a great day!