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    Happy Pub-iversary to me!

    Once again I was sleeping (well, writing in this case) on the job. I went and put a post up on September 3, then went back into my writing cave, letting my characters and my deadline take me away, not even noticing until some old friends (once again, characters) came a knocking by the names of Mika and Ale to tell me that I was forgetting something.

    You see, September 3rd was my 1st anniversary as a published author! Whee and Woo Hooo! I can’t believe it’s been a year already that Through The Lens has been out, but the calendar says it’s so (not to mention my new grey hairs) and the calendar (or Miss Clairol) doesn’t lie. It’s been a roller coaster year of fun and learning and there is still so much more growing I have to do and stories I’d like to write. I can’t thank you all enough for sticking by me on my journey with your kind words and encouragement.

    Cheers to all of you and remember to keep Looking Through The Lens. You never know when you’ll see a brand new view.

    Through The Lens Final Cover


    All the best,


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    Hello September

    Good day everyone. With the long weekend over it’s back to classes for the kids and back to work for me. This month it’s grind it out time. Book 3 is waiting!

    Wishing you a Happy September.



    Cheers to a great one for all of us. For some reason September always feels like my New Year with back to school and all. A time to reflect and hit the restart button. How about you?


    All the best,


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    The Muse is Testy

    My deadline is looming and the Jackster is not having it with my futzing around and not getting this book finished. Here is when I tried stopped typing and put my laptop down thinking I’d just sneak off to the kitchen for a quick bite.  With that face, I quickly started up again and got in a few hundred more words before I slipped past him as he was snoozing and nabbed a snack.


    jack muse 1


    Have a good weekend. You know what I’ll be doing.


    All the best,


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    Friday Flashback- Time

    Happy Friday. I should be saying that with more enthusiasm. Some exclamation points I’m thinking. But with August here and writing deadlines looming I just can’t get my back into the excitement of another Friday. To a writer under pressure it’s just another passing day.

    big ben

    But that said, I’m rallying! See there’s your exclamation point. I’m powering through by doing a FAST DRAFT challenge with my talented writer bud, Laura K. Curtis which helps cut down on the internal editor as with the Fast Draft she has no time to chime in before you are on to the next point.

    Would I like more time to mull things over? Yes, I think I would. Is more time good for me? Probably not. It just gives that evil internal editor more time to gab and plant seeds of doubt. And we all know she’s chatty enough as it is.



    Have a wonderful weekend and here’s hoping, at least for Saturday & Sunday, time slows down for you.


    All the best,



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    Pin Me Down… ATL bound!

    This week I’m heading to Atlanta and the Romance Writers of America National conference. I can’t wait. As a romance writer I’ll get to attend workshops on both craft and career and as fan all get to see, meet and interact with some of my favorite authors and some new and old friends. It should be a fantastic time.

    If you are in the Atlanta area on Wednesday please come on out to the Literacy Autographing which is open to the public. Details here. You’ll get to purchase books from many of your favorite authors and have the signed. I can’t wait. I’ll be getting quite a few books signed by my faves and it’s all for a great cause. And if you happen to see me, though I won’t be signing, don’t hesitate to ask me to get pinned.

    button sed


    You see, I have these fab pins made up for the conference. Wouldn’t you love to be pinned by Mark Thorn, my hero from Seduction’s Canvas? I know quite a few people who would. I’ll be back with you all soon and checking in on twitter as the week goes on. Have a great one!

    Now if I could just stop packing shoes….

    shoes 1


    All the best,


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    The Heat is On

    I planted some new flowers this weekend. A bit late in the season to do planting and also a lot hot for planting too. I sure hope they make it. The DS and I just about burnt up getting them into the ground. I was doing a Bill from True Blood while I was out there, good for a moment and then regretful, fearful I’d burst into flames if I didn’t get inside and quick.

    garden collage

    This weekend I was also feeling the writing stress. It’s book 3 time and I know I need to just dive into her and get her done. I’m starting to get antsy, feeling the story must get out. And when I get that feeling I know that means no rest for me until the story gets out. And being the temperamental artist that I am that also means no rest for anyone else in my family because I’ve taken on the not so becoming quality of a growler when I’m under deadline and stressed about a story. The only cure is to write my way through the heat. So that’s what I’m up to this week. Writing through. What are you up to this week? I hope staying cool wherever you are.


    All the best,


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    Write Your Way Out…

    I’ve been feeling stuck with my current WIP and when I’m stuck I often use tricks, some good (character casting) and some not so good (snacking much) to find my way out of the dark hole of nothingness. Well, yesterday I did another thing that I often do and it’s something that I my current character does also. Buying a new journal to write a new start. Sort of a re-write on her life. I ran out and got these 2 pretty new Moleskin notebooks to play the “What If” game so that I can map out this book and finally get a handle on it in my mine. Sort of what my character Gabby does when things start to get all jumbled in her life.  Wish me Luck. Let’s hope by the end of the weekend I have a roadmap to a full story or a least a clearer head.



    All the best,


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    Man Up To Love…

     rizzo tumblr

    “Sugar and spice and everything nice.” Yep, that’s what the old nursery rhyme tells us little girls are made of. And for so long it seems to have been the ideal standard for woman. The woman that we should look up to, the heroine for everyone to adore. But of course, living in reality and in the age of ‘not so real’ reality TV, we know that as women we can’t always be sugar and we definitely can’t keep everything nice, at least not all the time without blowing a gasket or two.

    sandra dee 1That said, even with the reality of it all, I have seen so many times in romance, especially the romances of the past, that the heroine must be perfect. She must be the Sandra Dee and never the Rizzo. The girl without a past, always a virgin, never one to swear and although she may have flaws, they are sweet little flaws like clumsiness or a penchant for over-generosity. The things that make my eyes roll to the back of my head by page three of a book. Looking at all these perfectionists that I know I can’t live up to I wonder, who are these women and what about the men that fell for them? How can they be truly relatable? This level of perfectionism doesn’t leave much room for the Rizzos of romance and the “not so bad boys” that may fall in love with them. Don’t the cranky girls need love too? What about the girls with a past, the women that are not virgins or even born again virgins? What about the mouthy… ahem, ladies? Can a woman speak her mind and still get her HEA?

    I say yes. That is if there is a hero strong enough to face the mouth, the emotions and the past head on and man it up to the plate. My 2nd book rizzo 1from Crimson romance: Seduction’s Canvas ,out now, features what some would consider my most divisive heroine yet. A cross between, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan with a bit of Ivanka Trump thrown in,  Samara Leighton is a woman with a past, forced to take long hard looks at her mistakes and face them head on. But still she’s not apologizing for her needs and desires. Samara is the type of woman that if you don’t already know, you wouldn’t mind knowing and a bit of her may be you. That part that you want to whoop it up with and sometimes shake and say, “woman, get it together!” over drinks.

    Thankfully, she’s found a hero in Mark Thorn, who is just as strong as she is and alpha as she is to give her the space she needs when she needs it and the shake and the shakes (*insert wink here*)  she needs just when she need them too. I think this is what makes a truly great alpha hero. When he is tough enough, but still secure and soft enough to let a strong women be the woman she was meant to be.

    I hope you give Seduction’s Canvas at try as well as more books with heroines who have a little more Rizzo and a little less Sandra Dee or if it is more Sandra Dee, let it be Sandy with those cool, can’t breathe leather pants at the end of the movie.

    sandra dee  3

    Here’s a blurb for Seduction’s Canvas:

    “I want to paint you” Artist Samara Leighton had wanted to say those words to the sexy motorcycle rider who lived in the building ever since she first laid eyes on him nearly a year ago. But now that the words were out she couldn’t stop her heart from beating wildly in her chest.

    “Honey, you don’t have enough paint to cover me.” Security specialist Mark Thorn didn’t mean to come off as a hard ass. As a matter of fact he wanted nothing more than to let the tempting artist from across the hall do whatever she wanted to him and then some. But her haughty demeanor left the normally cool rider off his game.

    Samara knew this was her only chance to live out her long-standing fantasy and she wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers. She has very little time before her show is done and the pressure of her family legacy means she will finally go through with living out her life under the umbrella of the Leighton name and its responsibilities. There would be no more downtown jaunts, lazy museum afternoons and evenings spent lost in the magic of color and her canvases. And definitely no time spent holding tight to the muscular form of her dark rider while the horrors of her past and her cares drifted further away with each mile of road they covered.


    All the best,


    images fm tumblr and beyond.

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    Seduction is Here!

    So today is the day I become an official multi-published author. Wow. Let me pause and take that in a moment… breathe… and let it seep in another moment. It’s pretty amazing. At least for me it is. Because I know in about a minute and a half I’ll start to worry about reviews and rankings and get all down on myself about something or another I have no control over and then get all hot under the collar about how come I’m not writing enough or not writing fast enough,  or well enough or whatever, but just for now, for this moment, I want to stop and say, wow. Cool. Go me! And let that be enough.


    I hope you’ll give Seduction’s Canvas a go. I can’t thank you all who have encouraged me enough for your support. For those who don’t know about Seduction’s Canvas here’s a cool new trailer to get you up to speed. Thanks to Lex from Winterheart for her wonderful work. Feel free to share it and make it go viral. Wouldn’t that be cool? And if you’d like to give it a buy, just click on the book links below or to the right.


    Seduction’s Canvas

    available at Amazon

    Barnes and Noble



    Have a fantastic Memorial Day!


    All the best,



    P.S. Thanks to my PIC, Megan Caldwell aka Frampton for that kick butt quote. She totally rocks it out!