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Write Your Way Out…

I’ve been feeling stuck with my current WIP and when I’m stuck I often use tricks, some good (character casting) and some not so good (snacking much) to find my way out of the dark hole of nothingness. Well, yesterday I did another thing that I often do and it’s something that I my current character does also. Buying a new journal to write a new start. Sort of a re-write on her life. I ran out and got these 2 pretty new Moleskin notebooks to play the “What If” game so that I can map out this book and finally get a handle on it in my mine. Sort of what my character Gabby does when things start to get all jumbled in her life.  Wish me Luck. Let’s hope by the end of the weekend I have a roadmap to a full story or a least a clearer head.



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  • Reese Ryan

    That’s an excellent way to get through a rough patch in a manuscript. I’m always buying journals. What a great way to put them to good use.