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Seduction is Here!

So today is the day I become an official multi-published author. Wow. Let me pause and take that in a moment… breathe… and let it seep in another moment. It’s pretty amazing. At least for me it is. Because I know in about a minute and a half I’ll start to worry about reviews and rankings and get all down on myself about something or another I have no control over and then get all hot under the collar about how come I’m not writing enough or not writing fast enough,  or well enough or whatever, but just for now, for this moment, I want to stop and say, wow. Cool. Go me! And let that be enough.


I hope you’ll give Seduction’s Canvas a go. I can’t thank you all who have encouraged me enough for your support. For those who don’t know about Seduction’s Canvas here’s a cool new trailer to get you up to speed. Thanks to Lex from Winterheart for her wonderful work. Feel free to share it and make it go viral. Wouldn’t that be cool? And if you’d like to give it a buy, just click on the book links below or to the right.


Seduction’s Canvas

available at Amazon

Barnes and Noble



Have a fantastic Memorial Day!


All the best,



P.S. Thanks to my PIC, Megan Caldwell aka Frampton for that kick butt quote. She totally rocks it out!


  • Laurie Sanchez

    I say, “Wow. Cool. And go you!” also!!!

    Enjoy every moment of your new “multipublished author” status!!! You’ve worked so hard for it, and have been so very dedicated and steadfast toward your goal — you’re an inspiration to all of us not yet published, Kwana!

    Congratulations, and I’ll definitely be downloading this on my Kindle this weekend — can’t wait! 🙂