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Friday Flashback- Time

Happy Friday. I should be saying that with more enthusiasm. Some exclamation points I’m thinking. But with August here and writing deadlines looming I just can’t get my back into the excitement of another Friday. To a writer under pressure it’s just another passing day.

big ben

But that said, I’m rallying! See there’s your exclamation point. I’m powering through by doing a FAST DRAFT challenge with my talented writer bud, Laura K. Curtis which helps cut down on the internal editor as with the Fast Draft she has no time to chime in before you are on to the next point.

Would I like more time to mull things over? Yes, I think I would. Is more time good for me? Probably not. It just gives that evil internal editor more time to gab and plant seeds of doubt. And we all know she’s chatty enough as it is.



Have a wonderful weekend and here’s hoping, at least for Saturday & Sunday, time slows down for you.


All the best,



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