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The Heat is On

I planted some new flowers this weekend. A bit late in the season to do planting and also a lot hot for planting too. I sure hope they make it. The DS and I just about burnt up getting them into the ground. I was doing a Bill from True Blood while I was out there, good for a moment and then regretful, fearful I’d burst into flames if I didn’t get inside and quick.

garden collage

This weekend I was also feeling the writing stress. It’s book 3 time and I know I need to just dive into her and get her done. I’m starting to get antsy, feeling the story must get out. And when I get that feeling I know that means no rest for me until the story gets out. And being the temperamental artist that I am that also means no rest for anyone else in my family because I’ve taken on the not so becoming quality of a growler when I’m under deadline and stressed about a story. The only cure is to write my way through the heat. So that’s what I’m up to this week. Writing through. What are you up to this week? I hope staying cool wherever you are.


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