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    No Sleeping In… It’s Monday Ya Know

    What’s Jack up to? Well I had plans to sleep in on this day off Monday for everyone in the house. But Sir Jack wasn’t having any of  that.  Bounding into the bedroom bright and early, his annoying little nails scratching on the wood floor and when that didn’t work he went to pushing for all his might against the bed. Groan.  I’d say he feels bad for waking me and the DH up, but with this look, somehow I don’t think so.

    Stay cool and I hope you got to sleep in today.



    P.S. A big, I mean HUGE, happy  birthday to my littlest brother, Semaj. There is a 19 year age difference between us and he’s way cooler than me so he’s probably not even reading ye’ old blog but I wanted to say a shout out to him and tell him how much I love him and he’ll always be my baby brother no matter how big he gets. This Hess truck goes out to him today.

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    Bangle Jangle

    What’s Jack up to? That darned Jack just about scared the life out of me the other day when he darted out of the house and up the block running behind my mother’s car the other day. What did he think that he’d make it all the way back to Harlem? But no he stopped at the big street up the block but all I could think of was a car coming behind his little butt. Ugh. Someone put a leash on that dog.


    In the meantime onto lovelier things. Lately I’ve been mad for Bollywood movies, just can’t get enough of them and the influence has traveled to my taste in jewelry. I’m craving bangles. The more the merrier.

    What summer accessory are you craving?



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    Strange Hangover

    What’s Jack up to? Like me Jack is dog tired from all the B-day partying.


    I want to say thank you all so much for the outpouring of love here, on Twitter and on Facebook for my birthday wishes. You all make facing birthdays so much easier.

    I had a very nice birthday weekend filled with family and friends. After giving the DH a hard time for organizing a family BBQ for me on Saturday it turned out to be so much fun. I woke up today with a hangover and I didn’t have 1 drink of liquor. I think I am drunk off food and laughter.  How can everyone in a family be so competitive over cards? I tell you from Nana on down, it’s really scary.

    We are all such sore losers and talk so much crap. But in the end we take it all in good cheer; I mean how can you talk about someone’s mama when you have the same mama? And it turns out that even though my brother and I seem so very different in some things we are truly the same. That was nice to find out.

    And as I sweet topper I got these beautiful flowers from the DH which surprisingly (and not by accident) have the peach color from our wedding over 20 years ago. How much do I love him for that?

    All in all it was a fab way to turn the page on another chapter in my life.



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    Friday Chill Time

    Hey it’s Friday. How’d that happen so fast? Jack and I sure don’t know. Oh well it’s here might as well do what we do and make the best of it and throw in a little chillin’ where we can.


    Peace Out and Enjoy!



    P.S. Did you watch the Not So Real Housewives of the NYC? What did you think? For all the kookiness I thought Ramona’s wedding was nice. And no, money can’t buy you class, but it sure can get you a whole lot of other fun stuff on the Bravo dime.

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    A Good Day

    What’s Jack up to? Well the Jackster has had us on our toes for sure this weekend. Making off with sausages then going running down the street only to have a neighbor nab him barking in the middle of the road then bring him back home. Yeah Jack was quite the handful on Memorial Day.

    But I guess it was just the excitement of the fun day. Memorial day in our town starts with a parade. Most of the town comes out to watch and the Parade ends at the Memorial Field with speeches then hot dogs and sodas for everyone. It ‘s a nice way to give honor and to come out and see neighbors you haven’t seen is a while.  Jack had fun seeing all the folks and even his buddy Bentley Ms. PVE’s dog.



    Well now it’s back to the weekly grind. I think I may just ease into it. How was your weekend?



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    Cooling in the shade

    What’s Jack up to? Always looking for a good spot to chill.

    I’m trying to stay deep in editing mode so am light on spare words just popping in to wish you a good day today. Find a chance to chill ok?

    And Happy Earth Day! Do something good for the earth today.  Refill that water bottle again and again. It’s cool.



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    And Another One

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s wishing you a Happy Monday! He’s had a good weekend full of sunshine, naps, food and walks. But then again he lives a dog’s life so there’s that. Don’t you sometimes wish you could be in his shoes? Just for a day?

    Another busy week is planned on ye old blog and in life (when is it not?). In life hopefully lots of writing will get done, and then there’s tons of family stuff both fun and chore-ish.
    On ye old blog, there will be an exciting interview and a giveaway for tomorrow so come on back, a birthday (oh 2) later in the week (not mine) and some other assorted stuff thrown in once I work all that out.
    Wishing you all a fab week.

    P.S. Tax day is the 15th are you all up on that hat messery? I actually saw a sign today for a tax tea party in my area. Really want to go park and see who in the world from may area shows up to act a hot mess, but no don’t want to get disappointed in folks so won’t. grrrrr….

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    You all are so darned sweet. Seriously, you make me blush. Something that’s not easy for this jaded New Yorker to do. Thank you all so much for your kind words of welcome and praise on my blog move and upgrade. It is truly appreciated.


    The Jackster will be like me and taking his time checking out the new diggs, marking his territory as only he knows how. Eeewww…


    Thanks again.


    All the best,


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    A Place In The Sun

    Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words on my upcoming blog revamp. Eeee… Nail biting. I’m so grateful to my talented friend Jax for taking my long and confused call and giving me such great advice. Check out her new blog home here.

    We’ll see how it all works out. Please be patient with me.

    In the meantime, Happy Friday to you. Jack and I hope you find a little patch of sun to sit and grab a little chill time.