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Strange Hangover

What’s Jack up to? Like me Jack is dog tired from all the B-day partying.


I want to say thank you all so much for the outpouring of love here, on Twitter and on Facebook for my birthday wishes. You all make facing birthdays so much easier.

I had a very nice birthday weekend filled with family and friends. After giving the DH a hard time for organizing a family BBQ for me on Saturday it turned out to be so much fun. I woke up today with a hangover and I didn’t have 1 drink of liquor. I think I am drunk off food and laughter.  How can everyone in a family be so competitive over cards? I tell you from Nana on down, it’s really scary.

We are all such sore losers and talk so much crap. But in the end we take it all in good cheer; I mean how can you talk about someone’s mama when you have the same mama? And it turns out that even though my brother and I seem so very different in some things we are truly the same. That was nice to find out.

And as I sweet topper I got these beautiful flowers from the DH which surprisingly (and not by accident) have the peach color from our wedding over 20 years ago. How much do I love him for that?

All in all it was a fab way to turn the page on another chapter in my life.