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Not Kansas – Not Oz-Still Home

So it’s here. Today is my birthday. Look around go ahead and look, I am. Slowly….

Nothing has changed. I’m still here and so are you. I’m still the same old me just a day older and now officially 41. A wife, mother of teen twins, former thinner fashionista slash budget designer in the NYC now writer in the outskirts of the NYC and owner of a terrier that sometimes thinks it’s human. Oh and I’m a multi-published blogger. *snicker* How do you like that term. Feel free to use it all you bloggers out there. But other than that no big changes happened overnight. Ah well… big sigh and moving on.


But wait. Before I just move on, in honor of being all these (ever so slightly) fab (in my own mind) things homage must be paid. 

So I’d like to raise a glass to me and also a glass (double fisting this weekend totally acceptable for my birthday)  to you my dear friends who make the multi-published blogger part possible. Thank you so much for being here ,which is out there in cyber space, and stopping by to say hi and let me know they my words do not fall on deaf ears. That my tree falling in the woods does indeed make a sound. You all are so precious and lovely. Super heroes in your own worlds! Here’s to you!


And thank you Lord for getting me through another year full of all that a year can bring and then some more. I’m still here, saying YES.



P.S. this pic is the sweet cake my Knit buddies gave me on Wednesday. So yummy.