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You all are so darned sweet. Seriously, you make me blush. Something that’s not easy for this jaded New Yorker to do. Thank you all so much for your kind words of welcome and praise on my blog move and upgrade. It is truly appreciated.


The Jackster will be like me and taking his time checking out the new diggs, marking his territory as only he knows how. Eeewww…


Thanks again.


All the best,



  • pve

    Always wondered why they do that and then “sniff” immediately after. Eeww.
    Blush away, mark away, wag away, bark away!!!
    You should be proud.

  • purpleflowers

    You definately should be proud of your move. It took courage. And now that you have more of it, you can assist anyone of us who wants to move.
    : ) Enjoy your success!

  • Maria

    The new site looks great.

    Jack reminds me so much of my Yorkie, Rufus, both in looks and the way you talk about Jack. I think there would be an instant case of jealousy if they ever met!

  • Joyce

    You and Jack the man did good on the move and should feel very proud and celebrate! I already did my change on my blog list.

  • Colleen

    Congratulations on your beautiful new home! You are a power of example – I have been having terrible computer troubles with my blog & I need to make some changes… Now, if I could just figure out what was wrong! All the best,