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Writing for Yourself

Ray Bradbury makes such a good point at the end of this video about writing for one’s self that I think can be applied to all forms of art and creativity. This is especially true when feeling stuck or paralyzed in your work which lately I often do because that little devil on my shoulder is whispering nasty things like: “who are you going to pitch THIS one to?” and “nobody’s ever going to go for THAT” or “maybe if you make the character more like this THEN this one will sell.”

Yeah it’s a business I know (boy, don’t I know) but in the end you have to write, paint, draw, act, dance etc… for you. 



P.S. Ray where were your pants?

Makes me think a little of Ms. Rielle here. “Uh oh did Mummy forgot her pants today?”


  • purpleflowers

    It’s your spirit that is coming out to write, dance, paint, sing etc. etc. That should never change. There will always be someone out there who falls in love with what you are doing. Be kind to yourself.

  • Maria Geraci

    I so agree. If you don’t love your story and your writing, then you can’t expect anyone else to either.

    As for that GQ pic. There are so many things wrong with that whole thing I won’t even go there!

  • pve

    I agree, doing it for yourself, for your own inner genius is really what it is all about. It is also about comfort and a bit if discomfort, so maybe that is why he has no “pants” on. I think I will try painting without pants, after I turn the corner and nobody is watching me.

  • Ina in Alaska

    Rielle, John Edwards….I cannot think of enough bad words about them and how much pain they have caused Elizabeth Edwards and her family as she faces her own final chapter. xoxo PS Hugs to Jack and Nana there is a moose movie on my blog today to show her sometime. The moose is standing under my deck.

  • Maria

    I used to be a supporter of John Edwards. Pretty devastating to learn the truth about him just from that perspective; I can’t imagine being a family member.

    And why did Rielle ever pose for those photos? And with their daughter in some of them?

  • seleta

    I like your new site! And I’m glad you kept your pretty picture of a header by PvE.

    Really enjoyed Mr. Bradbury’s philosophy on writing. Interesting that the 8 year old little girl produced such a beautifully written piece. Breaks my heart for the little girl who must have drowned.

  • Jax Cassidy

    Love that interview with Ray. I think it’s so true to write for yourself. I know it feels like a big accomplishment and it is something that you can be proud of.

    Ina — if you want your avatar to show up you have to register with Gravatar ( ). Once you add your avatar to your profile it will associate with the email you provide so any comments made on any social blog site will pull the gravatar.

  • Laurie at mizwrite

    Thanks for sharing that video of Ray Bradbury, Kwana. I really enjoyed it. It always strengthens me to hear famous writers talk about how many rejections they got.I like how he said “You think they’re all idiots and don’t see your genius”! Ha! (I don’t have nearly that confidence, but it was amusing to hear him say that.) Hope your writing is going well. …

  • deidra

    Loved that interview with Ray. It really had me thinking deeply. And then I read your PS and just about fell off my chair with laughter! The pants…where are they people?

    Great post! I love your humor, your wit, and your perfect timing!

  • The Zhush

    This is so exciting! Congrats on the big move! Laughed so hard at that photo! “How on Earth did all these photographers even get in here?”
    very puzzling indeed….
    good luck with this new site, it looks lovely!

  • kwana

    Thanks for the comments on the site today. Sorry to be MIA.

    Thanks to Jax for answering the Avatar question. Ina and Joyce please see Jax’s comment on signing up with Gravatar. I’ll be doing that too. Yay!