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    Time to List it Up with the #ListifyLife Challenge!

    To know me is to love my quirks. One of the odd or not so odd things about me is that I’m a terrible procrastinator and I thrive (as I drown) under deadlines and live by checking things off my to-do lists. Without them I’m pretty sure I’d get next to nothing done. I know for sure I’d not get the books written that I have or keep any sort of track of the what’s to do in my family life.

    Those that are long time followers of me over here on ye old blog know that the way I keep track of things using my tried and true Filofax planner system.

    filofax malden

    Filofax 1

    If it’s not written down it may as well have been said to the wind. I’ve also come to love Travelers Notebooks for their versatility.

    travelers 4

    I feel so fortunate to have found a group of friends who are just as quirky excited as I am when it comes to all things planning and organization.

    And speaking to that I’m so thrilled about the #ListifyLife Challenge made up by the fabulous Roni Loren (and peep these gorgeous graphics made by Sierra Godfrey ).

    list life 2

    So what is the #ListifyLife Challenge?


    List life 1

    I’m so glad you asked. It’s a weekly challenge which starts on March 20th  and runs through June 19th where you write down your lists in response to the topic prompt of that week. You post a photo of your list on any social media network of your choice (Blog, Facebook, Instagram and hashtag it #ListifyLife so that we can all stay connected. Easy as pie (well easier if you ask me and low cal). Please join in if you like. I’ve got my Moleskine ready and waiting along with my new Frixion markers.

    Listify 1

    I can’t wait to list it up! Please let me know if you’ll be joining in in the comments.

    All the best,


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    2+2 = 22… Happy Birthday Dear Twins

    It’s amazing how 22 years can seem like the blink of an eye to one, but to another be a lifetime. So many changes both seen and unseen. So many moments, lots of them I wish I could go back to, rewind,  look back, slow down even or at least live again, this time though really enjoying and savoring each moment. If only they had that type of machine for mothers wishing to turn back time. If only we really knew how fast it would all go. 

    All that melancholy aside, I’m so happy for you and proud of you both on this day. And all I truly wish for you is not what I wish for myself, but what I’ve wished for you each year, each day, since you’ve been born which is for God to keep you safe, for you to fulfill your dreams, have all the joy your hearts can handle and shine brightly like the king and queen you were born to be.

    Kayla and Will 22


    I can speak for both me and your dad here when I say, we love you both with all our hearts.

    Happy 22nd Birthday!



    Mom & Dad and Jack too

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    Goodbye 2015… Hello 2016… my year in GIFs

    So it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m in the basement on a crazy deadline, stress of my own making really, as I type this.

    closeup of a yellowish paper with the text happy new year 2016 in an old blue typewriter
    closeup of a yellowish paper with the text happy new year 2016 in an old blue typewriter

    I’m happy to have silence in my house for a moment and realizing that I have not posted diddly on this blog in way too long. Sorry about that. I take full responsibility. For all my planning balls are dropping left and right. Speaking of, I look to my left and dust bunnies laugh in my face. Side-eye to you dust bunnies. I laugh right back. No intimidation here.

    huh face

    But back to reason for this post. Since it’s the year end everyone is doing recaps and best of lists and all that so I thought I’d do a recap of my own… of sorts.

    Here is a recap of my 2015 in GIFS since I’m crazy behind schedule and I have no real words to spare.

    Oh and one resolution… to knit more. I really failed on that one last year (that and dusting, but I’m not resolving that- no fun). So knitting at least a row a week. 1 a week that’s 52. Small but so doable. I like it.

    Onto the year in review…

    January – optimistic and hopeful.

    im ready

    February – breathing through it.

    Un cool Luann

    March – trying to disguise the stress.

    No one can notice right?


    April – Whoo Hoo! A deal!

    Did this really happen?


    happy dance

    May – Twin A graduated Whee!!!

    clap 1

    June – Another Deal! Write, Woman Write!

    dance gif 2

    July – RWA National in the HOUSE!!!

    party 1

    August –

    Uh oh, How am I supposed to keep up with this life?

    keep up kim

    September – Seriously, this is getting nuts.

    bad idea

    October –

    No one will noticed as long as my makeup is fierce. Right?


    November – Maybe I’ll just sleep.

    tired 1

    December – A plan. That’s the ticket I just need a good plan.  There’s always next year.

    Cookie 2

    Cheers! Let’s re-boot and give it another go!

    leo cheers

    Happy New Year!


    Now if you have a moment please hear on over to Bobbi Dumas’ Read A Romance Month – Celebrating the Diversity in Romance. I’m honored to be the kick off author, Spreading a Little Love talking how HEA takes time. Also I’m recommending a couple of my faves Farrah Rochon & Synithia Williams Please click on over and join me. Thanks

    Pages of open book rolled in heart shape on glitter background
    Pages of open book rolled in heart shape on glitter background

    All the best,




    GIFS from somegif.com,  realitytvgifs.tumblr.com, giphy.com

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    New Author Pics and a Surprise Smiles…

    Over the weekend I got new author pics taken by my friend and chapter-mate. The talented author and photographer, Katana Collins.

    Now though that sentence sums up what happened it in no way sums up all the drama and angst I put into the lead up to taking the pics. The stress over how I’d look. The wishing I’d lost 40 pounds the month before I took the pics. The hunt to find just the right tops to slim me out. Wondering why after all those years of watching America’s Next Top Model I’d still hadn’t perfected the smize? I was a mess. Really and truly.

    KMJ author collage B

    Well now after seeing the pics I know that all that worry was for nothing because Katana is so talented and such a good friend she immediately put me at ease. She told me to stop my fretting and that I was beautiful. I think these photos show how at ease I was. I can’t thank Katana enough. These photos will always be a memory of what a wonderful day we had and a reminder that I should stop stressing so much and just smile.

    You can check out Katana’s books here and her photography site here. 


    K.M. Jackson author headshop 2015 IMG_2017_crop_8x12


    All the best,


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    A year and 1 day…

    I saw something the other day that said ‘think of where you were last year‘.

    It was supposed to be uplifting so I did. And you were there and for that moment I was happy.

    Until I stopped and remembered that you are gone. And won’t be back again.

    Now I know in this past year lots has changed. Some for the bad and as with life many things for the good. But without you it’s hard to feel that good fully. Without you I don’t know how quite how to be… just me. I’m honestly not the same.

    Lost within myself. A stranger in my own mind. I know I should be better and as you would always say, ‘pull up my big girl panties’ and I promise I will with more time. But that time is not now. What is a year to a heart in pain?

    Because if I were granted one wish right now, one happy thought for now… Today… It would be to go back- just a year and 1 day.


    Kwana & Nana







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    Be cool girl…fave plot book recs

    Over the next 6 months I’ve got writing deadlines breathing down my neck

    and looking at me like…

    work witch

    And I’m looking back at my original concepts like…

    bad idea

    And the pressure of it all has me in a state of panic like…


    So a little over a week ago in my panic stricken state I reached out to my peeps on twitter looking for bookish ways to help streamline my plotting process and get my racing, jumbled thoughts in some sort of order.

    You see I only play a cool multi-planner having, washi tape decorating, cucumber on social media.

    The chaos in my mind in a big old mess.

    So I sent out this tweet:

    Plot question

    And here are the books that were recommended to me in response. Thanks so much my twitter friends!

     I know some of them will be of help to me (hello 1 click) and I wanted to share them here with you.

    Please feel free to add any of your faves in the comments. Thanks and happy writing!

    Save the cat b

    Save The Cat by Blake Snyder


    Plot 2 20 Master Plots

    20 Master Plots and How to Build Them by Ronald B. Tobias


    Plot 3 GMC

    GMC: Goal Motivation & Conflict by Debra Dixon –

    This one I already have in my library and is a fave  http://amzn.to/1UxJvd9

    Plot 4 Trough of Hell

    Trough of Hell: How to Wrap Up the Middle of Your Story with Maximum Impact

      by H.R.  D’Costa  http://amzn.to/1UxJLca

    Plot 5 Rock Your Plot

    Rock Your Plot by Cathy Yardley-

    This is another one that I already have in my library and like. http://amzn.to/1UxJRAC

    Plot 6 The Plot Whisperer

    The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master

    by Martha Alderson


    Plot 7 2K- 10K

    2K to 10K:  Writing Faster, Writing Better and Writing More of What You Love

    by Rachel Aaron –

    another book I have and am a fan of. http://amzn.to/1UxLwWN

    Plot 8 Outlining

    Outlining Your Novel Map Your Way To Success by K.M. Weiland –

    this is one I just ordered and am getting into. Lots of good points here. http://amzn.to/1PYgq41

    Plot 9 Story Structure

    Story Trumps Structure: How To Write Unforgettable Fiction By Breaking The Rules

    by Steven James    http://amzn.to/1K2Fan4

    Meanwhile wish me luck with my deadlines because I need to be like this and just do it…

    be cool


    All the best,



    Gifs from Reality TV Gifs

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    I’m concerned. I mean this brings up so many questions:

    How did he or she get out? Through a door or an open window? Was he out for a walk and broke free of his leash? Who is missing him and are they crying themselves to sleep at night? I hope not.

    Is there such a thing as a turtle locator chip if not maybe this should be a thing?

    Yep, many questions.

    And sidebar: The name Mr. T is perfection.

    20150820_192626 (2)

    I sure hope he’s found.

    All the best,


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    #WeNeedDiverseRomance …tweet on…tweet on…

    Hello dear friends and welcome to what I must reluctantly confess now is really and truly summer. I don’t know how that came to slither up on me but there it is. I’m now elbow deep in writing my current novella while little hidden closets of my brain cook up scenes for other stories that I have in the works while deadlines, they be looming.

    I’m also busy getting ready for the big Romance Writers Of America National Conference this July where for the first time I’ll be participating in (see: shaking in my boots) a workshop with three of my friends and chapter mates the talented authors: Alyssa Cole, Falguni Kothari and Lena Hart. For our workshop, on Thursday July 23rd which is called: Multicultural Romance, When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong And How To Make It Right, we’ll be talking about quite a few topics one of which will be diversity in romance including the #WeNeedDiverseRomance hashtag.

    I’ve also self-proclaimed July 23rd #WeNeedDiverseRomance Tee day at RWA so if you have your tee and are coming this would be the day to wear it and represent.

    I started the #WeNeedDiverseRomance hashtag around 8 months ago to honor my dear Nana who had recently and very suddenly passed away. Nana was a huge influence on me becoming the romance writer I am today. I have strong memories of seeing her, after a long day of being a child caregiver for working Harlem mothers (a job she took on right after I was born and one she retired from after my own twins went off to pre-school), tiredly taking a moment for herself to relax with a Harlequin romance before she went to off bed.  Nana was a veracious reader of romance, a lover of these books that took her far away from her day to day everyday, but in no way reflected the amazing woman she was or the incredibly hard working black women (and men) who went off to work and entrusted her with their precious children as they did so. It will be so hard to fight back tears as I go to the RWA literacy signing this year and for the first time since I’ve been a member I won’t have the assignment from Nana to go and get a signed Nora Roberts for her. She was such a huge Nora fan that Nora’s was the one book I HAD to get every year without fail.

    That said it was due to Nana that as a preteen I picked up these books and like her was entranced with the love stories that took me away from my concrete jungle with their high level of love, emotion and passion even though I could never fully put myself in the shoes of the creamy skinned, blue eyed, blond heroines that the Greek tycoons fell for no matter how many times I put my tee shirt over my head and pretended it was my own flowing locks.

    But it was what it was, and being lover of books, I read what was available in the genres I loved and that was women’s fiction and romance. Taking nothing away I still found many books, authors and stories I adored.  It would be few and too far between, but I was thrilled when I found books like Terry McMillian’s Disappearing Acts and the iconic AA couple of Zora and Franklin who looked on the page like people I could possibly know or, hey, even maybe be one day, just way more passionate. I wanted more of these type of stories! And thankfully with that book’s success there was more. Many more, but sadly not nearly enough.

    The #WeNeedDiverseBooks hashtag and movement has been making great strides since it was started and does so much for children’s literature discussion and I hope landscape and I’d love for that to continue into romance and all genres of literature. It saddens me so much when I see how disproportionate the bestseller lists are when it comes to authors of color. Now I’m not sure I know the fix to this problem as I don’t think there is one fix all as the problem has come from years and years of the “norm” being books by Caucasian writers and book by writers of color being labeled as other and shelved separately if picked up by a mainstream publisher. And if not picked up by a publisher then self-publishing being the other option for an author of color where discoverability is even more difficult. So with these obstacles I think the fix will take a not so subtle shift of the norm being truly diverse catalogs put out by publishers. And by diverse that means having more than 1 or 2 offerings by authors of color a month and consistently giving equal presence and retail marketing money to authors of color. That way when the public goes looking for their next read the offerings truly look like a rainbow and instead of the “right” choice being subliminally made for them.

    It would be great to also address the lack POC staffing in publishing. Not to mention but to mention the fact that African American college educated women are the largest group of readers in the country so why not service them and stop leaving money on the table?

    This year the need for the #WeNeedDiverseRomance hashtag and the movement has been brought home even more with what has been going on all over the country. From the awful police shootings and targeting of black men, women and children to the most recent horrific event in Charleston at Emanuel AME. How many times have we asked the question or shouted the rally call #BlackLivesMatter? How sad is it that we have to ask this question and remind people of this fact in the first place? But the truth is too often POC color are looked at as so called “thugs” before they are looked on as regular citizens with all the rights that come with that label. I think having more men and women of color lifted up as heroes and heroines from early on in literature is one way this perceptions can change. We can also go far with changing these perceptions on the big and small screen but that is a post for another day.

    Sidebar: If you are looking for another great hashtag to follow please check out #WOCRomance and also check out Rebekah Weatherspoon’s @WOCInRomance on twitter and tumblr where she highlights new offerings from women of color in romance.

    I’ve gone on long enough but I want to finish by saying that I know #WeNeedDiverseRomance will mean different things to different people and that is fine and as it should be. This post is about why I started the hashtag. Your perception is your reality as mine is mine.  #WeNeedDiverseRomance is also shouting out to the persons with disabilities and the LGBTQ and transgender community. We are all here, all having been marginalized and all fighting the good fight for our truths to be told.  I’m just the one here today rambling on about why I started the hashtag with a tweet on a day back when I was feeling low in my grief watching what was going on in the world and and missing my grandmother terribly. The response has been overwhelming and humbling and I’m honored that the hashtag still continues today and to that I say tweet on. Tweet on until the hashtag seems silly and redundant because we are truly equal and not segregated and all is well because finally well and truly do have Diverse Romance. Thank you.


    Early tweets for #WeNeedDiverseRomance

    Diverse tweet d

    Diverse tweet e


    diverse tee ad c

    Click the blow links to order your Tee!




    All love,



    P.S. I’ll always love you Nana and will forever thank you.

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    Nest … not so empty

    Nests empty… then they fill… and empty, then fill again.

    The constant is the babies, no matter the size, demand to be fed.

    Birds a

    (Pic of nest of new baby birds from tree on my front lawn.)

    What are you working at to get your feed on this week?

    All the best,


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    Out and about…

    Happy new week friends! Wishing you all a wonderful one!

    I have a busy week/month ahead as I’m sure you do too and I need to get planning in my planner big time to get it all done. With a now not so empty house anymore I suddenly feel like I’m wrangling a heard of kittens again.

    That said I’m happy to say I will be out and about with some bookish fun this month…

    On Saturday, June 20th from 1:00-4:00 my writing chapter RWA/NYC will be celebrating our Romance Festival at the Morris-Jumel Mansion.  I will be there with some other chapter-mates with books for sale and autographing.  There will also be readings by bestselling authors and panel discussions. So if you are in the New York Area please come out! For more info please visit the RWA/NYC website


    The Morris-Jumel Mansion
    65 Jumel Terrace
    (between West 160th & 162nd Street)

    Admission to the festival is FREE!
    Tours of the Morris-Jumel Mansion $5.00

    Guest Speakers
    Maya Rodale
    USA Today Bestselling Romance Writer

    Lauren Willig
    New York Times Bestselling Author


    I’d also like to invite you to check out a fun interview with me on my friend, the fabulous author, Falguli Kothari’s blog. I’m talking THREADS OF DESIRE and Falguni gets a a few secrets out of me that no one knows. Check it out here.

    Threads Curves ad A

    All the best,