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    Staying Alive

    Hi peeps!

    Happy Monday. Just a quick pop in to let you know that I’m Staying Alive. Maybe not in the oiled up style of John here but I’m hanging in my own way.

    Had a very busy week with the DD finishing her last dance company benefit. She danced so beautifully and yes there were tears on both our parts. I tell you seeing your now young adult child take her final bows does it to you. Time to get ready for life part 2.

    So that said, I’m now I guess on only a partial blog break (you know I can’t shut it). I will going into my writing cave and will stick my head out like a turtle to see the light at times. Plenty of college decisions to make this month and lots of places to visit. Wish us luck!



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    Wandering Mind

    What’s Jack up to? What hasn’t he been up to is the question? He’s been having quite the mind of his own lately. Doing what he wants when he wants. Just look at this face… Think there’s any reasoning with him?


    In the meantime I’ve been quite the pushover and letting him run all over me. You see I’m still in college H -E double L with the acceptances (thank God) and the rejections and even dreaded waitlists (UGH!) for the dear twins. And now we are waiting to hear about finances for these here schools so life is just nuts.

    I’m also in wait mode to hear back about my edits from my agent so on the professional front I’m on pins and needles right now too and for a woman with no patience it’s pretty hard to take. Talk about no sleep and muscle spasms? Let’s not go there. 

    But I’m trying to write through it when I can get a free moment in my wondering mind which is rare. But I must since I feel I’m writing for my life right now.

    That said I think I will be sporadic on ye old blog because I’m feeling a need to give myself a break in at least one area. But you know me, I’m sure I can’t stay away. I will be popping in over at your places when I can and you can always find me on twitter @kwanawrites  and over at The Loft  talking books!

    See you soon. Hopefully with some closure and a high word count. Funny what writers dream of.



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    Animal on Repeat

    So I heard this song three no maybe it was four times today while running around with the dear teen twins to and from practices and in and out of malls. I’m thinking the New York D-Jays musta had it on a loop this weekend. So for that I’m inviting you into my world. Welcome.


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    The Waiting…

    Lately, in my house with college apps having been out for a while for the dear twins and us having gotten some good and not good news from different places we are all going a bit nutty around here. We’re still waiting to hear from some top choices for both kids. Still stressed over how it will all play out come September and I won’t get into the stress the DH and I feel over how it will work out financially. I’m just living on it will.

    To top it off I have a book out on submission that has been out forever but that’s just how it goes in publishing. No news is no news or just a no and you have to move on. But I still can’t help constantly checking my emails. See I’m not one to compartmentalize and put things in the back of my mind. Everything stays right of front talking up too much space.

    All that said I woke up with morning and this song popped into my head. Good for a writer and a high school senior. Enjoy.



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    Oh yeah!

    School is in session today. Whew! Looks like nobody will get hurt and I may hold on to that last shred of sanity… for now.

    I hope things are getting back to normal where you are.



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    The Ice Storm Cometh

    So we’ve had an ice storm and yes, another school closing. At the first word of an ice storm of course my mind instantly goes to this.

    Yeah I think in movies, tv and music. And though I didn’t love this movie when I first saw it years ago. I find the more I think of it the more I think it’s brilliant, if not for Joan Allen’s hair alone.

    But I digress, the kids are home again, giving me the side eye like they’re wondering why I’m on the computer all day and not being miss happy mommy homemaker and pulling magic birds out of my butt or at the very least getting out there on the icy roads and taking them to the mall. As if.

    Hey, they should be used to it by now . This is just another day mid-week in a little house in the middle of the street in Freshchester.



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    Dance for Joy

    Hello peeps. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was fun and filling probably too filling.

    Writing update: It’s now the end of November and I know I won’t be making my NanoWrimo goal. Yes, it’s sad to say but this month got away from me with the new freelance gig at The Loft and with the Dear Twins college application process.

    But in better news there was light at the end of the college app tunnel and we all got through it. The Applications are done and submitted! Whew. I think we all are a bit beat up and exhausted from the process (Ok I’m beat up and exhausted)  but so happy to be done.  Now is the waiting game. Isn’t that always a general state of life? But I’m feeling hopeful that there are good things in store. So for now I’m going to do a little happy dance like the beautiful Ms. Josephine here and give thanks that this part of the process is over.

    Now back to my room and my regularly scheduled writing program.



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    Just One More Thing

    Sometimes I feel like as the mom of teens I have to be Columbo in order to get a complete story out of the two of them. It’s like I’m constantly grilling folks in my house to find out basic info. “And uh, just one more thing…” as Columbo always says.

    Slightly tiring but I’m getting some mom development time and am off to NJ for the NJ RWA writers conference this weekend. I can’t wait to see old friends and attend the workshops for some writing inspiration. I’ll leave the Columbo duty to the DH for the weekend.

    Enjoy love!



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    Today’s The Day!

    It’s Back to School time for the dear teen twins and this time they are SENIORS! Eeeeeee!!!

    I think I may spend a little time today crying over a few old pictures. Indulge me will ya? It’s a mother’s prerogative. Don’t cha think?




    Head on over to Becoming True Me to talk more about what Back to school means to you.

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    Dipping My Toe In

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack is a sad dog today. He had Nana over for 5 days and now she’s gone back home to the city and without him in her carry all. Sorry Jack she’ll be back with sneaky treats soon.

     Hello folks did you miss me? I missed you all during my week long blog break.

    Though I missed you all it was nice to take a little break. This was still a busy week for me with the dear twins taking finals but today, the first day of summer, is their last so please wish them luck with me. Fingers crossed all goes well.

    And I was lucky to have Nana over for quite a few days during my break and that was wonderful. She and I cooked (ok her mostly). We played lots of games of cards and planted my Impatients (you know the flower named after me).

    So here I am dipping my toe back in the blog water and saying hi on the first day of Summer. Hopefully the water will be good.


    Happy Summer!! Roll call…who’s with me? How are you spending the first day of Summer?