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    I’m doing a little work on keeping my life contained and so far not doing a very bang op job of it. The only progress I’ve made so far is over the weekend with my new container porch plantings of basil and some hot and sweet peppers. Also some geraniums for a bit of pretty. I’ve decided to forgo the planting in the back since over the past few years it’s been steady disappointment of weeds and some critters coming along at the last minute stealing my bounty. Besides you know what they say about doing what you’ve always done…

    Also Jack seems to like it out front. Here’s hoping for better results this year. Are you doing any spring planting?




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    So my son took the Jackster out for a walk yesterday and out of nowhere a big dog comes out and attacks Jack. Oh to the What to the Get Out Of HERE! My son pushes the dog off of Jack and somehow fights him off while pulling a scared Jack away and picking him up. Another man stops and starts screaming for the owner. Well, it turns out the owners are the nice sisters (sisters as in married to the Lord) that live in the rectory house around the way. Oh gosh. Needless to say there were lots of tears and prayers going around.

    Long story short, Jack was bitten twice. He had to be sedated and has stitches, tubes and drains in the wounds to his hind parts. My son thankfully is ok but feels just awful about the accident which he could not avoid. All this has been just the midpoint of a week that we thought could not get any worse. Just coming at us. Wowza. A total ‘what’s next?’ moment. At this point I vow to not be surprised.





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    Shades of Jack

    Happy Friday! Another week down and a fast one too. I realize it’s been quite a while since I’ve done an update on what’s Jack been up too. That’s because he’s been just up to his usual funny antics nothing new. Hanging in the front closet where he has easy access to the door to frighten anyone who dares to come a calling. Also following close behind me whenever I head to the kitchen just in case I happen to drop a morsel or two. And here he is making it plain that I’m slow with the water. As I went past he ran over and put his paw right in the bowl to give me the sign to hop to it. Jack is never subtle.

    That said. With a little prodding from friends and after an excellent lesson on pinterest from Jennifer at Dec- A-Porter I invite you to head on over to Pinterest to view my new best of if you will … I give you… 60 Shades of Jack. Enjoy!



    P.S. Do you have a Pinterest account? If so please leave it in the comments so I can head on over and check it out!

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    Stretch it Out

    Happy Friday!
    So what are you up to? Jack and I are getting ourselves ready for the dear twins coming home for Spring Break over the next 2 weeks. Of course, like the tag team they have been since birth, they have two separate spring breaks just to keep us on our toes.
    So while I’m currently taking a breather and getting moisturized and beautified…

    Jack is in is classic downward dog position and stretching it out. Getting ready for all the activity to come.


    Have a great weekend!


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    Jedi Mind Speak

    Happy Friday?

    Well, made it through another week. Gosh it feels like this one went by quickly.
    Jack and I don’t have much in terms of news. He’s been spending a lot of time snoozing in the middle of the day and now he’s taking to snoring rather loudly to let me know that he’s sleeping and enjoying it. Here he is just after waking up yesterday and still a little sleepy. The looks says, “I’m thirsty and can I have a treat. Either order in fine by me. Just make it quick.”

    My look back said, “I’m reading right now and you’ll just have to wait until I’m good and ready to get up. So there.”
    Yeah, we communicate like that.
    How about you? Do you have verbal or Jedi mind conversations with your pet? I can’t be the only one.



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    Hey Monday!

    Here’s a good day from a snow bearded Jack from last week’s mini storm. Fortunately all the snow is gone this week. We are both rejoicing in this being a fairly light winter. How are things by you?




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    Holiday Help

    Happy Monday to you all. Hope you had a good weekend and are ready to tackle the week. The DH and I got to put up the tree and get the decorations on. It was not the same without the twins this year but at least we had the Jackster to keep us company. As soon as we started he got a spot right under the tree and could not be moved. He’s mesmerized be the lights. Cheers to my little holiday (non) helper. Now if only he knew how to untangle the lights or change a bulb.



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    Great Day

    Well it’s the last day of November and I’m happy to say I made my self imposed NaNo goal adding 50,000 new words (go me). But with all the new twists and turns this book is still far from done. Sorry I’ve been MIA on the blog but I’ve been saving all my words for the page and that’s where my head has been.

    Jack sends you all a good morning today though from his little bed where he spends much of his time guarding me and making sure I don’t stop typing. Have a great one!



    All the best,