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So my son took the Jackster out for a walk yesterday and out of nowhere a big dog comes out and attacks Jack. Oh to the What to the Get Out Of HERE! My son pushes the dog off of Jack and somehow fights him off while pulling a scared Jack away and picking him up. Another man stops and starts screaming for the owner. Well, it turns out the owners are the nice sisters (sisters as in married to the Lord) that live in the rectory house around the way. Oh gosh. Needless to say there were lots of tears and prayers going around.

Long story short, Jack was bitten twice. He had to be sedated and has stitches, tubes and drains in the wounds to his hind parts. My son thankfully is ok but feels just awful about the accident which he could not avoid. All this has been just the midpoint of a week that we thought could not get any worse. Just coming at us. Wowza. A total ‘what’s next?’ moment. At this point I vow to not be surprised.






  • Joyce

    I did my part last night and this morning. I cloudn’t help think about Jack and your son last night. I know it is bad now, but I’m so thankful Jack is here to tell the story and your son wasn’t serious hurt and the man was there. To be caught in the middle of a dog fight could be really bad. When we had Kelly I would walk with a riding crop bcuz of a dog in the hood. It was to use if came at us to tap dogs behind. It would distract him. XO

  • Ina in Alaska

    I happened to be scanning Twitter last night (I pretty much just read but never Tweet) when I saw the tweets about Jack and your DS. I was so upset but glad Jack will be ok. Sorry about the rest of your week too! Hopefully the nuns will keep their dog under better control!

    On Sunday when I was out walking there was a LOOSE PIT BULL!! No human in sight. He saw us too and I had to hurry and turn my 4 around and head the other way. Thankfully the brown pitbull stayed near his house (I think it is where he lives) then yesterday two neighbor dogs BURST through their front door and zoomed towards us in the street and as they approached Halle it seemed like a slo motion movie they tried to stop…. Halle, even though she is old, can show some teeth and get herself ready!!!! Thankfully the kids got their dogs rounded back up and they ran back inside. Whew!!!

  • annechovie

    Gosh, I am so sorry, Kwana! Poor Jack, I’ve grown fond of the little fella over the years and feel badly for him. Glad your son wasn’t hurt badly and hope they’re both better soon and things start looking up for you, Hon. xo

  • John

    i am a little slow in renaidg this and although while your words made me feel very sad, I got to the smiling face of your little Jack and it just made me smile the biggest smile I have smiled all week…Good on you for “releasing your son from his confines” and anyone who has a problem with this can get fucked…First time I have EVER swore on a blog comment but that’s all I can say on this subject…Gill xo