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So I had this dream last night, well quite a few, and I remember bits and pieces of each, which I do often ,but in one that I’ll share with you I was trying to buy my book out of a machine vending machine of all things. You know, like those new machines where you can buy an iPod and the accessories if you have 200 bucks to spend in a machine and a music emergency. But the thing was my book was in an old style beat up machine like you’d see at on the outskirts of a bad Carney show. And the book was in a brown cardboard box with brown tape so I don’t know how I knew it was my book (also it was a secret baby book which I have never written). Besides my book, also in and this machine was various stuffed toys, card and old time candies to complete the rundown look of it all. Now don’t ask me what it all means, I’m not going to analyze (yes I am), though I will consider the push of bringing the Book- O- Mat back.








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