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    The Jackster

    Here’s a little deceptive Jack cuteness to get you over the hump today. Isn’t he looking sweet and oh so harmless? Yeah, don’t believe everything your eyes see. He needs to start doing his job and get a little more muse-y. My words are not flowing as they should for this story. I think he’s angling for me to add a dog but I’m standing firm on my no dogs or teens in the books rule… so far.

    soft jack 2

    See I told you the pics would be on the way. This is what happens when I have to start a new story. Sorry, but it should at least be a colorful summer, though less wordy.


    All the best,


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    Point & Shoot

    For my birthday last week I got a fantastic new camera that his been on my wish list for quite a while. A fab Olympus PEN. Isn’t it cute? I’m still learning the ropes with it and I think I will be for quite a while. Excuse me while my blog turns into my own personal photo album while I take up my new hobby. I’ve always been a closet photog. Please bear with me.

    pen collage 2

    Any new hobby you’re thinking of taking up?


    All the best,


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    Any Excuse…

    It’s Friday and we’ve all made it. You, me, Jack. Whee!!

    I’m thinking that calls for a treat and as you can see Jack agrees and is waiting patiently for his. Hey, any excuse for a treat I say.

    Here’s to you having a treat filled weekend!


    All the best,


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    Rise and Shine

    Happy Monday from me and the Jackster. Time to rise and shine and face the week. Now that book Book 2 in my Creative Hearts series has been turned in and I’ve had a lovely weekend off, it’s time to lace up my skates and get going on book 3. Whee!

    But first, there are some more glamorous things on my to-do list like: laundry, dusting and the ever fab grocery shopping because after this past week (ok 2 maybe 3) this house is screaming for some TLC (or at least a L or C).  What are you getting up to this week?


    All the best,



    P.S. Nana would like to give a heartfelt thanks for all the beautiful birthday wishes. Thank you all so much. She really enjoyed reading them and we had a fantastic time celebrating her birthday.

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    Friday Side-eye

    What’s Jack up to? Why he, like me, is totally giving this week the side-eye and wondering how it got to be Friday already. How in the world did Friday get here and the floors didn’t get mopped, the tree didn’t get up and my characters in my current WIP are still doing a little bit of everything but getting down to the business at hand. Yes, it’s side eyes all around over this way!

    Oh well, better to let it go and list of a few accomplishments: Christmas pics have been taken, Outside lights are up and the deep freezer has been cleaned and scrubbed after the horror of Sandy.  (Sidebar: There is nothing scarier than scrubbing a basement deep freezer all alone, at night. Yeah, I should have thought that chore out a bit more.)

    Next on my list, it’s back to those characters and getting them away from all the chatter and down to business. Of course in the back of my mind it’s the other Christmasy things to do, gifts to get, cards to write. But that will all, I hope, somehow happen It always does.  And I know that Jack with his reminder side-eyes will keep me on track. How do you stay on task during the Holidays?

    P.S. If you have a moment I invite you over to like my official Amazon author page. Just another way to keep up on all my book happenings! Also have you read Through The Lens please feel free to leave a review. I’d love and appreciate it. Thanks!


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    6 Candles…and nothin’

    Oh my goodness can I blame it on Sandy? No?  If you look for October 25th you’ll see there is no post for that day. Don’t ask me what I was doing or where my head was at, but one thing was sure, it definitely wasn’t where it was supposed to be and that was on Jack. Well, actually it was on Jack because I’m sure I was busy giving him ear drops and eye wipes or whatever we’ve been doing these few weeks,  but in the mix of all that and preparing for Sandy I totally forgot my star dog’s 6th birthday. Gah!

    Totally and completely forgot. Jack had a total Molly Ringwald, 16 Candles moment.

    I didn’t remember until after visiting the fab Ina in Alaska and the super cool Frau’s blogs and seeing their fantastic birthday tributes to their dogs . It was then that my slow mind got to whirring. I’m so sorry Jack. If only you could read and know how sorry I truly am.

    He’s hoping your never given Hanukkah gift saved from last year is a good enough consolation prize.

    One that as I finish typing this post, has lasted all of 16 minutes before you ripped it to shreds. Oh well, as the DH says, everyday is a birthday for Jack!


    Love and Hugs to you my writing guard dog and daily crack up.



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    King of the House…

    Looks at that face, isn’t it just the cutest?

    Jack is just is just popping  in to say he’s doing well. Yes,  he’s still being a handful. Keeping me busy with his allergies and still at it with biting his paws so that’s always fun for both of us (not) as I try different deter tactics and fail and he lets both of us know that he’s still king of the house… but hey, he’s great writing company and he has that face.


    All the best,

    Me and the Jackster

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    Ruling with an Iron Fist…

    This is Jack. Isn’t he sweet with his new haircut?

    Jack is not supposed to be on the couch.  He knows this. So no shocker when the DH and I said, “be good Jack we’ll be back soon,” and ran out to the store.

    This is Jack chilling and we think watching TV, sleeping, maybe surfing the net, we don’t really know what, as he didn’t hear us coming back up the porch steps. As you see we have the iron fist of control around the house.


    Happy Monday and welcome October!






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    Jack Monday

    Happy Monday folks. I hope you all had safe, fun and relatively cool weekend wherever you where.  It was pretty hot here but not as hot as all the safety alerts led us to believe or maybe I’m just getting used to the blazing heat. Either way we all hung in there.

    Looking over my posts I realize it’s been a while since I’ve said what’s Jack been up to so here goes:

    What’s Jack been up to? Well, The Jackster is so much better. Just about back to normal after being attacked a little over a month ago. The cone of shame is gone, his back wounds are pretty much healed and he has gotten a spiffy new haircut and bandana!

     Of course now that he’s back to his old good looking self he’s thinking he’s all that and a bag of chips. Giving just everyone the business that dares walk by our porch by barking his head off, even go so far as to try and give me some attitude but you know I’m not having that. Oh to the no. But for all his bravado he’s still a big old softie. Hanging out most times in the front closet or on my side of the bed where he feels the safest.


    Hope you all have a great week and stay cool.




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    Coney boy…

    What’s Jack up to? Nothing much. For those of you nicely asking, we took him to the vet on Saturday for his week back check-up hoping he would have his stitches removed, but… No. The vet said he was healing, but slowly. So it will be back next week and where hopefully we’ll have some better news and maybe his stitches out. I’m not sure how much longer he or I can take that annoying cone. He’s gotten very good at nudging me with it.