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Jack Monday

Happy Monday folks. I hope you all had safe, fun and relatively cool weekend wherever you where.  It was pretty hot here but not as hot as all the safety alerts led us to believe or maybe I’m just getting used to the blazing heat. Either way we all hung in there.

Looking over my posts I realize it’s been a while since I’ve said what’s Jack been up to so here goes:

What’s Jack been up to? Well, The Jackster is so much better. Just about back to normal after being attacked a little over a month ago. The cone of shame is gone, his back wounds are pretty much healed and he has gotten a spiffy new haircut and bandana!

 Of course now that he’s back to his old good looking self he’s thinking he’s all that and a bag of chips. Giving just everyone the business that dares walk by our porch by barking his head off, even go so far as to try and give me some attitude but you know I’m not having that. Oh to the no. But for all his bravado he’s still a big old softie. Hanging out most times in the front closet or on my side of the bed where he feels the safest.


Hope you all have a great week and stay cool.