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Friday Side-eye

What’s Jack up to? Why he, like me, is totally giving this week the side-eye and wondering how it got to be Friday already. How in the world did Friday get here and the floors didn’t get mopped, the tree didn’t get up and my characters in my current WIP are still doing a little bit of everything but getting down to the business at hand. Yes, it’s side eyes all around over this way!

Oh well, better to let it go and list of a few accomplishments: Christmas pics have been taken, Outside lights are up and the deep freezer has been cleaned and scrubbed after the horror of Sandy.  (Sidebar: There is nothing scarier than scrubbing a basement deep freezer all alone, at night. Yeah, I should have thought that chore out a bit more.)

Next on my list, it’s back to those characters and getting them away from all the chatter and down to business. Of course in the back of my mind it’s the other Christmasy things to do, gifts to get, cards to write. But that will all, I hope, somehow happen It always does.  And I know that Jack with his reminder side-eyes will keep me on track. How do you stay on task during the Holidays?

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  • pve

    take a deep breathe and know that it is not even December. Yet. Not today.
    Enjoy this last day of Nov., with those characters, with Jack and all the to-do’s on your list.
    One thing at a time dear. Remind me of which I speak.

  • Laura K Curtis

    Hi Jack!

    Conan and Philly are giving ME the side-eye. “Mom is nuts.”
    “Yes, and you make her that way.”

    Relax, take bubble bath with a glass of wine. It will get better. I often wonder what would happen if I just didn’t DO any of the holiday stuff, but then I realize my family would probably stuff me in a psych ward because they’d be convinced there was something wrong with me.

    And there is, of course, but I just hide it behind gift wrap and cards.